piątek, 30 października 2015

Deathstar rides to Plock!


Yesterday I've played final battletest before sending the rooster to tournament orgs. The choice wasn't obvious, but all in all the army will be:

Clan Raukaan CAD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Bike, Auspex, Gorgon's Chain, Fist) - 245pts
HQ2: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Bike, Storm Shield, Fist) - 210pts
Troop1: 5 Scouts (Melta Bombs) [in Transport1] - 60pts
Troop2: 5 Scouts (Melta Bombs) - 60pts
Transport1: Land Speeder Storm - 40pts

Ravenwing Strike Force
FA1: Darkshroud  - 80pts
FA2: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA3: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA4: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA5: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA6: Land Speeder (Multi-Melta) - 60pts
Elite1: Command Squad (6 Black Knights, Apothecary, Launcher, Company Banner) - 290pts
HQ1: Bolesław I Sammael on Corvex - 200pts

Inquisitorial Detachment
HQ1: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (Psychotroke Grenades, Rad Grenades, 2x Servo Skull) - 61pts

I'll have to prepare most of the models, as I'm sick of playing with unpainted army. First model I began to work on is Darkshroud, which currently looks like this:

Hopefully I'll finish converting tomorrow, and paint the model till monday :).

wtorek, 27 października 2015

How the Outlaws ride to battle?

Today I finally bought myself an airbrush. Of course I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing, but started to regardless.

First thing was very easy - basecoating my minis. That speeds everything up a lot. As my whole army needs their armours painted gunmetal before I start applying any other colours, it took me quite a while to put that paint with brush. With airbrush, it's a matter of minutes to basecoat whole squad.

Thanks to that, I were able to finally paint the transport for my Outlaws squad. Land Speeder Storm that I bought few months ago was flying (floating?) to battle "painted black" for so long... Today he finally got some colours.

Sorry for the yellow tape, the model is far from being finished.

And that's how it looks with it's owners, unfinished as well, shame on me.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully finish both the squad and the speeder. Till then, see you!

poniedziałek, 26 października 2015

Preparing models for Alpha Strike


Today I had more free time than usual, therefore were able to spend some time preparing my models. First was one of Mooncrushers, ie. 7 Devastators with Grav-Cannons.

Then I've started painting my Chaplain, who'll ride along with my Smashfuckers.

Haven't came up with a name for him yet, hopefully I will in next few days.

Next model I started converting was my very own Draigo (who of course will bear a different name).

One of those pesky models for AoS, I had to switch his hand to bear a sword, remove Sigmar's emblems, and sculpt some fur on the cloth. Still some work to do, I think about a furry cloak, but - we will see.

Last models I worked on were two Servo Skulls for my Inquisitor.

I want them as two flaming skulls, sth. like Ghost Rider :).

Maybe tomorrow I'll finish something up.

wtorek, 20 października 2015

Mooncrushers squad - first models

Yesterday I finally got my hands on one Grav-Cannon. Therefore I was able to start building one of two units of Devastators. I need two units cause one of my new toys while playing 40k is Skyhammer Annihilation Force, formation that requires me to take two units of Assault Marines and two units of Devastators in Drop Pods.

I bought a box of Chaos Warriors from WFB range, and began the conversion work. For now I have two models done, both waiting till green-stuff dries.

Capes and upper armors are from Chaos Warriors, legs and heads from Chaos Space Marines, Grav-Cannon from Devastators, and bolter with hands from CSM sprue. Some green stuff allowed me to fit the power armoured arms into Warrior's body.

Tomorrow I'll start painting them!

piątek, 16 października 2015

Sorcerer Rakan

Some time ago I've introduced to you Cullen the Bonereaper. He is the member of Inner Council, that rules the whole Legion. Theoretically. As everything, that too must be a bit Chaotic. Therefore, there's a second council, The Warp Brotherhood. Members are mostly psykers of various kinds, but not only.

One of the members is Rakan, the sorcerer who specialises in Divination. His main task in battle is to support various units, making them more resistant, or more deadly, expecially while shooting.

That's how Rakan looks. In Lost Legion bike is the symbol of status, kinda like a horse in medieval times, Rakan, exacly like Cullen, rides to battle mounted on the heavy bike.

The sad thing is, soon after I'd began working on Rakan, I've realised that I do not neet so many psykers in my army, in fact, I'm cruising towards removing psykers from my deathstar, or even removing deathstar at all! I really need to think about it...

wtorek, 13 października 2015

Raptor has landed :)


After last tournament I'd been to, I've began to think about the way to defeat Eldar armies using my Lost Legion. I've red various dexes, dataslates, WD formations etc, and came up with something slightly different from my regular army.

The formation that caught my attention is Skyhammer Annihilation Force. Two units of Devastators in Drop Pods get relentless on the turn they disembark, and two units of Assault Marines are allowed to charge the turn they arrive from deep strike. Whole formation appears on the table at the beginning of turn 1 or 2, player's choice.

If I want to use this formation, I'll need at least ten Assault Marines, so I began working on first squad of five, Squad Meteor. First model is ready, and it looks like this:

Unit's symbol is the astrologic symbol of Jupiter. You can see it on the picture below, sadly - slightly obscured by the jump pack.

One done, five more to go!

piątek, 9 października 2015

New League

Our wargaming club starts new league tomorrow. I've decided to slightly modify my last 1850 rooster, and try to get as much as I can from such deathstar.

The list looks as follows:

Detachment1: Ravenwing Strike Force
FA1: Ravenwing Attack Bike (Multi-Melta) - 55pts
FA2: Ravenwing Land Speeder (Multi-Melta) - 60pts
Elite1: Ravenwing Command Squad (5 Black Knights, Apothecary, Company Banner) - 250pts
HQ1: Chaplain (Bike) - 110pts
HQ2: Librarian (Bike, Force Sword, Lv.2) - 110pts
HQ3: Samael on Corvex - 200pts

Detachment2: Clan Raukaan CAD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Gorgon's Chain) - 240pts
HQ2: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Storm Shield) - 210pts
Troop1: 4 Bikers (2x Grav-Gun) - 114pts
Troop2: 5 Scouts (Melta Bombs) [in transport1] - 60pts
HQ1: Thunderfire Cannon - 100pts
Transport1: Land Speeder Storm - 40pts

Detachment3: Iron Hands AD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Shield Eternal) - 245pts
Troop1: 5 Scouts - 55pts

As you can see, the deathstar is quite big, including Samael, Chaplain, Librarian, 3 Chapter Masters, 5 Black Knights and Apothecary. It has Skiller Rider, 5-3+ Feel No Pain, three Eternal Warriors, and moves really fast. The supporting units, for objective securing, are Attack Bike, two Land Speeders, Scouts and Bikers. Thunderfire is for removing weak units that sit on objectives.

I have to prepare quite a few models:

Attack Bike - assemble and paint
Land Speeder  - assemble and paint
5 Black Knights - assemble 2, paint 5
Apothecary - finish painting
Chaplain - assemble and paint
Librarian - finish painting
Samael - finish painting
Chapter Master with Chains - assemble and paint
Chapter Master with Shield - done
Chapter Master with Shield Eternal - assemble and paint
4 Bikers - paint
5 Scouts - paint
5 Scouts - assemble and paint
Speeder Storm - paint
Thunderfire Cannon - assemble and paint

Loads of work, but hopefully I'll manage to do that in one month. We'll see :)

poniedziałek, 5 października 2015

Outlaws squad

As I've mentioned earlier, in six weeks I'll play on big tournament in Płock. The rules allow me to field 1526pts army, without Super Heavies and Gargantuan Creatures. I chose to field very strong deathstar, which looks like this:
Ravenwing Strike Force
FA1: Ravenwing Attack Bike (Multi-Melta) - 55pts
FA2: Ravenwing Land Speeder (Multi-Melta) - 60pts
HQ1: Sammael on Corvex - 200pts
HQ2: Librarian (Axe, Bike, Lv.2) - 110pts

Clan Raukaan CAD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Power Fist, Lightning Claw, Gorgon's Chain, Bike) - 255pts
HQ2: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Power Fist, Storm Shield, Bike) - 210pts
Elite1: Command Squad (Apothecary, Bikes) - 140pts
Troop1: 5 Scouts (Bolters) [in transport1] - 55pts
Troop2: 5 Scouts (Bolters, Melta-Bomb) - 60pts
Transport1: Land Speeder Storm - 40pts

Iron Hands AD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Shield Eternal, Power Fist, Bike) - 245pts
Troop1: 3 Bikes (2 Grav-Guns) - 93pts

For every new detachment, and by that, for even more characters, I need to field some kind of troop unit. On Fire Frenzy I used mostly Bikers squads, but it didn't work well. They have only 3+ save, three wounds total, and die too fast. The only battle they won me some points is when they stayed on the objective most of the game. That task will be completed by Scouts as well, and they cost less points.

Therefore, I need two squads of Scouts, converted to match my CSM army. First squad was recruited from the lowest levels of hive cities, and it's members are former gangers, thieves, murderers and hooligans. There's five of them, the rest died during many battles Lost Legion fought in past ages.

The conversions are pretty simple, I just removed autoguns and pistols from CSM Cultists, gave them Boltguns, and unit's champion got his hand replaced with giant steel hook. They're almost done converting, I just need to fill some gaps with green stuff. Then - one or two evenings of quick painting, and the squad will be done.

Second one will look a bit differently, but - all in good time :).

Fire Frenzy!!!!!

Yesterday I came back from the biggest tournament I've been on since getting back to the hobby last year. Fire Frenzy took place near Katowice. I must admit, guys who organized this tournament really know what they're doing. Nice place to play, rooms to sleep during two tournament days, catering, party after first gaming day, everything was perfect.

First battle was against Karol, a friend witch whom I've traveled from Warsaw to the tournament. We drove half of Poland to play each other ;). The problem was, he had three wraithknights, so the battle was short, and he won, 0-20, no points after first battle.

Second one was against Marcin and his Eldar army. This time it went much better for me, the result was 19-1 for me. First points! Btw, Marcin had the best looking army on this event, at least I think that way.

Third, and last for the first day was against Bajer. Third battle, and third against Eldar. Two wraithknights this time, but after running like crazy after objective markers, I managed to win 15-5.

After first day I had 34 points, not that bad for the first time on Challenger class tournament :).

Second day I began playing against Space Marines army led by Gnilka. He had Skynammer and Centurions with Tigurius in Drop Pod. Quite tough battle, but by the end of turn five I killed last of his soldiers and got first clean table during this tournament. 18-2 for me.

Last battle was against CSM/SM army, and it was one of those rare ocasions that dice lost game for me. Sad moment, that costed me the place in first 10, the outcome was 14-6 for my oponent.

All in all, I was 21'st among 39 players. Not so bad, but not so good either. Next big tournament is in Płock in six weeks, and I already have a plan for my army. Untill then, I have to paint all the models I need. In the meantime - here are some pics from Fire Frenzy:

czwartek, 1 października 2015

60-th Crusade and preparations to Fire Frenzy!

Lost Legion flew to the huge tournament, 2250pts per army, three battles. I must admit, I went there with a plan to win the whole tournament, but, well, I didn't. First battle I had to pause, so - 15:5 for me, then I played Daniel's Eldar, and managed to score 16:4, and last battle against Karolina's Tyranids, was, to be honest, a bit unfair. She had various flying monstrous creatures, which started on board, cause Karolina was about to begin (she won the roll-off). Then, I rolled 6, siezed the initiative, dropped my Centurions next to her lines, and fried all Flyrants... 23-0 for me, game lasted three turns.

Those games gave me 4-th place, not so good actually :/ I must re-think my army overally...

But that is a minor problem, when compared to my new challenge - Fire Frenzy. Challenger class tournament, my first for many years. Over 40 experienced players, armies so powerfull, that my rooster looks like a work of total rookie... Well, my goal is to be in upper 20, and hopefully I'll manage that.

Speaking of managing. I finally managed to finish one of my models - Cullen the Bonereaper:

He's the member of the Inner Council, the gathering of most powerfull legionaires from Lost Legion. In battle I field him (as I use my CSM models with SM codex) as Chapter Master with Bike, Power Fist, Artificer Armour and Storm Shield.

This brings me to the rooster I'll use on Fire Frenzy. The tournament requires each player to build 1500pts army, and two parts, 350pts each. Before each game, players will chose either to use first or second part.

I've decided to use one big deathstar with some supporting units:

Detachment 1: White Scars CAD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Shield Eternal) - 245pts
HQ2: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Storm Shield) - 210pts
Elite1: Command Squad (Bikes, Apothecary) - 140pts
Troop1: 3 Bikes (2x Grav Gun) - 93pts
Troop2: 3 Bikes (2x Grav Gun) - 93pts
FA1: Drop Pod - 35pts

Detachment 2: White Scars Librarius Conclave
HQ1: Librarian (Bike, Lv.2, Force Axe) - 110pts
HQ2: Librarian (Bike, Lv.2, Force Axe) - 110pts
HQ3: Librarian (Bike, Lv.2, Force Axe) - 110pts

Detachment 3: White Scars CAD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Storm Shield) - 210pts
Troop1: 3 Bikes (2x Meltagun, Meltabomb) - 83pts
Troop2: 5 Scouts - 55pts

First additional slot:

Detachment 1 add-on:
HS1: 3 Centurion Devastators (Grav-Cannons, Omniscope) - 250pts
HS2: Thunderfire Cannon - 100pts

Second additional slot:

Detachment 4: Officio Assassinorum Detachment
Elite1: Culexus Assassin - 140pts

Detachment 3 add-on:
HQ2: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Storm Shield) - 210pts

That's it. There's one deathstar, build of 3-4 Chapter Masters (depends on the slot I choose), Command Squad and three Librarians. Then, there are either Centurions and Thunderfire Cannon, that gives me some additional firepower, or Culexus, that gives me some punch against psykers. Three units of bikes and scouts are mainly scoring units, but bikes may actually kill something in shooting.

Hopefully I'll write something about the tournament on monday. Wish me luck!