poniedziałek, 26 stycznia 2015

Fighting the short guys

It's really rare for my ghouls to look at somebody from above, but that was the case. Well, would be, if I used ghouls in this battle :)

Lost Legion stood against Dwarf army led by Kamil.

Lord, Thane, Runesmith, Warriors, Crosbowmen, Ironbreakers, 2 Ballistas, Catapult, Cannon and Organ Gun. I must admit I feared more artilery and shooting units...

My army deployed a bit wider than usual.

Big unit of Skeleton Warriors with Tamara van Dorst, second, smaller unit with Necromancer and Liche Priest, 2 units of Dire Wolves, Spirit Hosts, Vargheists, Varghulf, Casket of Souls, that's my right flank. On my left I've put Godrick van Dorst, the ghoul king, second Necromancer and Terrorgheist.

Kamil got first turn, and managed to shoot 3 ghouls and 3 Wolves, all other machines missed.

My line moved forward, reaching for warm bodies to consume.

Wolves were charged by Warriors...

...and swiftly dispatched. Dwarfs decided not to overrun.

Strigoi with his magic sword, along with Terrorgheist and Casket's bound spell destroyed most of crosbowmen.

Turn of shooting later (not much damage) my main charges began.

Spirit Hosts charged Warriors, Vargheists - organ gun, Strigoi attacked remaining Crosbowmen with Runesmith, Wolf - cannon, and Varghulf - ballista.

Ghosts held the unit in place, Strigoi and Vargheists overran, and ran off the board, to return later. Both machines were destroyed, and remains of the Dwarf army stood waiting for my main unit to hit them.

Terrorgheist flew to shout at Lords retinue, Varghulf finished the remaining machine, and Strigoi with Vargheists flew back to the table.

Lord charged my main unit, Vargheists, Strigoi and remaining Wolf charged Warriors. Lord was dead even before he could swing his axe, sadly, that's the case when somebody tries to hit the girls. At least one particular vampire-girl :).

Remains of Warriors flew from combat and were caught by Vargheists.

Nice, quick battle, first time I used Varghulf, and I must say, I'm impressed by the beast's performance. I seriously think about adding the second one to my army!

czwartek, 1 stycznia 2015

New Year!

Hi there!

December was a pretty dense month, so I had very little time for painting my models, not to mention playing Warhammer. Of course, that didn't stop me from some new purchases, expecially new Blood Angels. Anyway, I couldn't paint all the models I wanted, so finally I've decided to convert and paint Strigoi Ghoul King and Casket of Souls. The former is already done, for 3 weeks actually, but the later, well, it's barely cut out of sprues and designed, and deadline is tomorrow. I guess it's right time to finish the model.

I'll post some photos of the Casket tomorrow, for now - fear the mighty Godrick van Dorst, Strigoi Ghoul King!