niedziela, 6 listopada 2016

Warmachine comes back!


It's been a long time since I've last had an opportunity to play Warmachine. I started my Khador army about 10 years ago, during the first edidion of the game. The Hordes were not even present at that time.

I've decided to come back to this game just in time to pre-order some 3'rd edition stuff. Starter box, cards etc. I've also bought the 2'nd edition starter from my friend, and ordered some additional models.

Back in the days of MK I I used to have Vladimir as my caster, but now I found that Old Witch is the best caster for me. She gives the slow khadric units a bit more speed and tactical advantage.

Therefore, I've built my innitial 75 points list, and decided to paint all the models on it as soon as possible.

System: Warmachine
Faction: Khador
Caster: 1 / 1
Points: 75 / 75
Old Witch1 (Old Witch of Khador) -18
* Scrapjack 0
* Devastator 14
* Kodiak 13
* Juggernaut 12
Doom Reaver Swordsmen 13
Greylord Ternion 7
Iron Fang Pikemen (Leader and 5) 9
Widowmaker Scouts 8
Manhunter 4
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios 7
Widowmaker Marksman 4
Gobber Tinker 2

At this moment I have three Warjacks painted, but one of them, the Decimator, didn't make it to the list after several tests. As much as I like the saw he uses to cut his enemies into pieces, the gun ain't that good due to very low RAT of 4.

The painted jacks I'll be using are Juggernaut:

And Devastator

Of course, no Warmachine army can work without it's caster. Mine, the Old Witch of Khador, came up like this:

Her Scrapjack is currently being painted, 1-2 more days and it will be ready. Widowmakers (both unit and solo), Manhunter, Doomreavers, Iron Fangs and Eiryss are currently primed and wait to be painted. Kodiak and Tention will be (hopefully) shipped to me tomorrow, so I'll have everything I need. Everything? Maybe not... I still lack free time to paint those models. After all, I'm a busy guy, collecting minis for many systems :)

poniedziałek, 6 czerwca 2016

Aleph Posthumans in HS N3

It's been some time since the Human Sphere N3 came out. The most significant change in Aleph (IMO at least) is new Posthuman rules.

We got two new profiles, Mk IV, who is heavy infantry providing long range support, and Mk V, who is the enforcer and has an option to be the specialist.

After some testing I came up with my favourite set up, which is:
Mk I (doctor or enginer, depends on the rest of the army)
Mk IV with HRL

Mk V forward observer
With those models whole Posthuman costs merely 40 points, and gives me some serious firepower and two specialists. Nice deal!

Of course, there are no IV and V models yet. To field them, I had to build them myself, using some other model parts.

This is my Mk IV. She's made of several models, that is:

- Riot Girl's body
- Chandra's head

- Avicenna's hair
- Taucer's Feuerbach

I think she'll look quite nice when painted.

That leaves me with Mk V, for which I have no idea at this moment. Probably Chandra's body and head, with some arm swap involved (maybe Uxia's arms with assault pistols?). We'll see :)

niedziela, 24 kwietnia 2016

Krakot Renegade


As I've managed to win the yesterday's tournament in Gentleman's Club, and became a proud owner of Krakot Renegade model.

He's quite massive, much bulkier than the last ITS model - Armand Le Muet. When it comes to the rules, I think that the red monkey will be quite usefull in my Aleph army (sadly, I cannot field him in Steel Phalanx). Impetous, regular, quite good shooter (on the short range) and even better close combat fighter. Of course, he's no match for the Myrmidons (not to mention Homeridae Heroes), but hell, he's cheaper than the cheapest of Myrmidons.

Forward deployment is also something worth to mention, expecially if there's Ahilles present. Metachemistry Lv.2, new rule coming with Human Sphere N3, is more usefull than Lv.1 (no surprise here ;) ).

Now, the only problem being - how should I paint this guy :)

wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2016

First Infinity Tournament

Last Saturday I went to my first Infinity tournament. I brought two lists, one - offensive (link with Eudoros, link with Oficer), one - defensive (link with Alke, link with Phoenix, link with Oficer). All in all, the later proved to be much more powerfull, but even this list couldn't give me the victory.

Despite that, Phoenix proved to be the man of the match. Therefore, I've decided that he deserves to be painted. I took my brushes, and that's what came out:

He's currently one of the best link-leaders in Phalanx. Three shots from his launcher, and the enemy usually has to deal with -6 or -9 modifier... Quite cool.

Tomorrow I'm going to test my new army idea, this time - regular Aleph. Let's find out what will that bring...

niedziela, 10 kwietnia 2016

Samekh Rebot

I introduce you to Rebot 12, Samekh type. Aleph's main supporting artillery, Samekh Rebots, take crucial part in destroying targets that are beyond range or line of sight for other weapon types.

The model took me about 2 hours to finish, and it was a test of main color for my Aleph remotes. I like it :) Despite the poor shading I've made.

Next will be the TR drone or Ajax.

poniedziałek, 4 kwietnia 2016

Second Deva

Not so much writing lately, but I'm alive and well :) Loads of Infinity games lately, and after last few I learnt that Deva with Spitfire and MSV:2 can be a real game-changer. So, there he is:

I finished this model few hours ago. Sadly, today there'll be no painting, as I have to prepare intro game for two new Infinity players. But tomorrow... Maybe I'll finish that Garuda at last... Or Myrmidons? Who knows :)

sobota, 26 marca 2016

Two more Cyber Bitches :)

Happy Easter! Taking some of my free time thanks to the day off, I've managed to paint two models for my Aleph army, the Cyber Bitches.

First is Myrmidon Hacker:

She won me at least two games (probably more), scoring objectives being led by Hector. I've decided that it's finally time to put some paint on her.

Second one is for my new army list:

This is the Deva Funcionary. Armed with Spitfire and Multi-Spectral Visor 2 she's a formidable foe for every enemy who doesn't see through smoke.

It's no coincidence that I've put those two models together. Myrmidon throws smoke, then Deva moves forward, shooting enemies unaware of her presence. A bit dirty trick, but hell, that's how you win in Infinity!

I'm not sure how much free time I'll have tomorrow, but I'll try to paint another model, Asura maybe?

piątek, 11 marca 2016

Nesaie Alke

My Infinity army grows bigger and bigger, and after purchasing about 20 models I feel the need to paint them all. After painting Atalanta's Spotbot, I chose Alke as my next painting project.

She will lead the unit of Thorakitai, regular soldiers of Steel Phalanx (if "regular soldiers" even exist in Aleph). Armed with Spitfire she gives that unit some more firepower, and, to be honest, a bit more beauty, as she's one of the most beautiful models in Infinity. Sadly I couldn't paint her better, my skills are very limited :(.

Next will be one of my Ekdromoi or Ajax, I haven't decided yet.

sobota, 5 marca 2016

Cyber Bitches

I have to admit - I'm getting bored by GW, Wh40k and tournament playing. On the other hand - I don't want to quit the wargaming hobby. The solution came to me when I visited Wargamer shop in Warsaw, where my friend, who works there, shown me Infinity.

At the beginning I chose between Nomads and Ariadna, but then I've seen Toll's models. He gathers Aleph, and that's the army I chose for myself.

This is Spotbot, companion of Atalanta, who is one of the best sharpshooters in Aleph. Next will be Alke, Thorakitai leader :)

C&C more than welcome!

poniedziałek, 29 lutego 2016

Dice Crusher 2016

Last weekend I went to Dice Crusher, quite strange tournament that involved in switching armies between players.

Sadly, organizers didn't describe rooster format in 100%, therefore I didn't get 10 additional points, which would gain me a better location :(.

Despite that, I had three very good games. I mean - I had bad luck when it came to organizers, and the best one when it came to oponents. Very big thanks to Afro, Koniu and Cahir, the best games ever!

My army was a bit different than what I used to play:

HQ1: Great Unclean One [Warlord] (2x Greater Reward, Level 3) - 280pts
HQ2a: Herald of Tzeentch (Exalted Reward, Disc, Level 3, Impossible Robe) - 175pts
HQ2b: Herald of Tzeentch (Disc, Level 3) - 120pts
Troop1: 3 Nurglings - 45pts
Troop2: 10 Pink Horrors - 90pts
FA1: 9 Screamers  - 225pts
HS1: Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, 2x Greater Reward, Flight, Level 3) - 315pts

The reason is, I had to build an army that is quite easy to play for me, but real pain to play for my enemies. I think it went well, as I took fifth place overall (would be fourth if not those infernal roosters).

Sadly, that will be my last tournament organized by those people, they simply have no idea what they are doing. None of my oponents red my rooster, they simply wanted me to explain everything...

wtorek, 9 lutego 2016

And even MORE pumpkins!

Just finished two more models for my Dyniaq's:

Arnold Pinewood, tough fighter, quicker with sword than with mind, needs some guideance from other band members, but when it comes to melee, there's no match for him. The fur on his boots is from Sasquatch's scalp!

Arachniaq, the most mysterious and fearsome beast from the whole forest.

And here are some more Dyniaq's waiting to be painted, soon they'll join the band.

niedziela, 7 lutego 2016

More pumpkins!

Third model for my Dyniaq's band, Grump Strongroot, Dyniaq Gladiator, very tough and strong guy, who doesn't talk too much, but those, who wanted to make him talk are currently used to fertilize pumpkin fields.

C&C are always welcome!

środa, 3 lutego 2016

Small Pumpkin

Second model for my Dyniaq's band, small pumpkin that has some very nasty rules :)

Hope you like it, C&C always welcome.

Umbra Turris

Last weekend, on Warsaw Team Championship I had an oportunity to play a short intro-game. The system is called Umbra Turris, and it's developed by Polish company Spellcrow. It's a skirmish game, usually players field from 6 do 12 models, which is a good thing, cause you can focus on each model in your band, and paint it the best you can.

I chose Dyniaq's, very mysterious race, that's exclusively designed for Umbra Turris.

Yesterday I've finished my first model, Adelaide Sprout:

Hope you like the way she looks. I'll try to paint second model tomorrow :)

poniedziałek, 1 lutego 2016

Eldar trickery

Hi there!

I feel ashamed of myself, but I've decided to add some Eldar units into my tournament army. Sad but true, to win you need either Eldar's mobility and firepower, or Necrons durability. I chose the former, as it suits my tactics better.

That's my first idea for the colour scheme, today I'll build a second one, in different colours. Maybe you'll help me decide :)

niedziela, 31 stycznia 2016



Last two days me and two of my friends (Sabatka and Kark) played WH40k on DPW (Warsaw Team Championship). We were 15'th out of 16 teams, which aint the best possible outcome :) But well, could be worse ;)

Next big tournament will be Dice Crusher in Torun. I'm going to use more daemonic army, as daemons are the army that suits me the best. I'll add some Eldars to get some fast scoring units, and that's the army in whole, 1234pts:

Chaos Daemons CAD:
HQ1: Great Unclean One - Warlord (Greater Reward, Lv.1) - 210pts
Troop1: 11 Pink Horrors - 99pts
Troop2: 11 Pink Horrors - 99pts
HS1: Daemon Prince (2x Greater Reward, Wings, Nurgle, Lv.3) - 315pts
HS2: Daemon Prince (2x Greater Reward, Wings, Nurgle, Lv.3) - 315pts

Eldars AD:
HQ1: Farseer Skyrunner - 115pts
Troop1: 3 Windriders (3 Scatter Lasers) - 81pts

I'll have to prepare second Daemon Prince, Farseer and 3 Eldar Bikes.

That's how my Bikes will look like, I think about two colour schemes, cracked bone or NMM black. I'll paint one bike in each scheme, and check out how they look.

niedziela, 10 stycznia 2016

Preparing Lost Legion for DPW


In just 20 days I'm going to participate in one of the biggest wargaming events in Poland - the DPW (Warsaw Team Torurnament). Along with Sabatka and Kark we'll form the least terrifying team out there :).

DPW is a Master class tournament, therefore our armies need to be fully painted (very painfull for me). I began the work two days ago, which is way too late, but I'm full of hope.

This is Varion, supreme sorcerer of the Lost Legion, and member of the Warp Brotherhood. In battle I field him using the rules for Tigurius. Now I need to paint two librarians who will form the Conclave along with Varion.

The Blue Scribes, converted from Tzeentchian Chariot, one Blue Horror and one Pink Horror. Funny unit, but thanks to their special rules, they can get me a unit of daemons worth more than Scribes, before dying!

Tomorrow I'm going to paint one of the Warpsmiths, and start building two more. Wish me luck!