sobota, 26 marca 2016

Two more Cyber Bitches :)

Happy Easter! Taking some of my free time thanks to the day off, I've managed to paint two models for my Aleph army, the Cyber Bitches.

First is Myrmidon Hacker:

She won me at least two games (probably more), scoring objectives being led by Hector. I've decided that it's finally time to put some paint on her.

Second one is for my new army list:

This is the Deva Funcionary. Armed with Spitfire and Multi-Spectral Visor 2 she's a formidable foe for every enemy who doesn't see through smoke.

It's no coincidence that I've put those two models together. Myrmidon throws smoke, then Deva moves forward, shooting enemies unaware of her presence. A bit dirty trick, but hell, that's how you win in Infinity!

I'm not sure how much free time I'll have tomorrow, but I'll try to paint another model, Asura maybe?

piątek, 11 marca 2016

Nesaie Alke

My Infinity army grows bigger and bigger, and after purchasing about 20 models I feel the need to paint them all. After painting Atalanta's Spotbot, I chose Alke as my next painting project.

She will lead the unit of Thorakitai, regular soldiers of Steel Phalanx (if "regular soldiers" even exist in Aleph). Armed with Spitfire she gives that unit some more firepower, and, to be honest, a bit more beauty, as she's one of the most beautiful models in Infinity. Sadly I couldn't paint her better, my skills are very limited :(.

Next will be one of my Ekdromoi or Ajax, I haven't decided yet.

sobota, 5 marca 2016

Cyber Bitches

I have to admit - I'm getting bored by GW, Wh40k and tournament playing. On the other hand - I don't want to quit the wargaming hobby. The solution came to me when I visited Wargamer shop in Warsaw, where my friend, who works there, shown me Infinity.

At the beginning I chose between Nomads and Ariadna, but then I've seen Toll's models. He gathers Aleph, and that's the army I chose for myself.

This is Spotbot, companion of Atalanta, who is one of the best sharpshooters in Aleph. Next will be Alke, Thorakitai leader :)

C&C more than welcome!