środa, 10 grudnia 2014


I think it's a big mistake made by GW, not to put any Werewolves in the Vampire Counts army. Of course, there are Dire Wolves, but those are more of a undead-dogs than actuall werewolves. Proper werewolf should be much bigger, stronger and be able to change his form.

Good for me, I don't have to use exactly the models GW provides for my army. Therefore I chose to make some werewolves, and deploy them using rules for Crypt Horrors.

Only one problem remained, there are no Werewolf models. I'll have to convert something instead. Choice of head was pretty obvious, most wolves would do. As for body, I had no ides, so went to GW store to consult the staff. Olek, who works there, and actually plays Undead Legion himself, explained to me the most obvious solution (which, of course, didn't come to my mind). If I use werewolves as Crypt Horrors, why not use those models?

Here's how the model looks after assembly:

Torso and legs from Vargheist, arms (after removing all spikes, nails and bones) from Crypt Horror, head and tail from Fernrisian Wolf. Of course some sculpting was nececcary to make it work, but it wasn't hard to do.

Now I have to make two more and paint them. 'Till next time!

sobota, 6 grudnia 2014

First month's summary

Yesterday was the campaign meet-up ending first, and opening second month of End Times campaign in GW store.

I've brought all the models I've painted during this month, and wooah, that's quite an army! Wight King, 3 Spirit Hosts, 48 Skeleton Warriors, Necromancer, Liche Priest, mounted Vampire and Tomb Princess. All models were aproved, granting me total of 51 points after first month, and placing my army as first in the campaign!

I gave it quite a thought what to paint next. My army lacks shooting, that's for sure, but also lacks mobility and hard hitting, fast units. I couldn't work on all those aspects at once, so decided to add some fast counter-attack and improve my current units.

First choice was the unit of three Tomb Kings Chariots. They are not the most powerfull unit in the game, that's for sure, but most enemies will think carefully before they expose one of their units to 3D6 S4 hits. And if chariots miss their charge? Well, it's just 165 points, not a big deal :). I've already began working on them, as my mail order finally arrived (after ~3 weeks). The most ugly models I've ever seen, will need some serious conversion before I will deploy them.

Second and third choices are 12 Crypt Ghouls and Strigoi Ghoul King. After adding them to the unit I already have (27 ghouls) I'll have the second horde in my army. After puting the Strigoi in that unit, I get not only a seriously hitting unit, but a very in-spirit-of-the-game one. Ghoul King with his retinue, tearing those pesky elves into pieces...

Fourth choice is the unit of three Vargheists. I'm not sure how will I use them, as they are too weak to attack whole units, and to hard-hitting to play artilery-killers. Of course, after they charge the imperial or elven firebase, there's nothing left, but Fell Bats or Carrion do that as well, and are much cheaper. Vargheists proved quite good at hunting down Chaos Chariots, before they have a chance to charge, maybe that will be their purpose, plus hunting for lone wizards, small shooting units etc. We'll see.

wtorek, 2 grudnia 2014

Fighting big guys

Last Thursday I've played a friendly game with Paweł, our local GW Store manager. His Ogres tried to stop the killing-spree of the Lost Legion.

Paweł deployed his forces in one long line. From my left to right, Bulls, Ironguts, Mournfangs, Maneaters, Leadbelchers and cannon pulled by Rhinox.

My army was way smaller. Skeleton Warriors with Vampire, Wight King and Tomb Princess, Crypt Ghouls as the bodyguard of my Necromancer, and Spirit Hosts as a screen.

I got first turn, and managed to summon Hexwraiths and Vargheists.

Ogres advanced at top speed.

Hexwraiths charged the Mournfang Cavalry, managing to inflict a single wound and break the unit.

Vargheists, who missed their charge, were attacked by Ironguts with the Butcher. Mournfangs kept running, closing towards the table's edge.

As my Vargheists died, I had little choice but to summon them once more, along with Terrorgheist. Ghosts charged Bulls, hoping to hold the unit as long as necessary. Tamara van Dorst, my Vampire Lord, ordered her unit to march forward.

Hexwraiths charged Maneaters, proving to be quite usefull unit against low-Ld units.

Ironguts charged my main unit, but were swiftly dispatched.

Ghosts broke Bulls and ran them down, Hexwraiths killed Maneaters and overran into Leadbelchers. Terrorgheist flew closer, to ensure that Mournfangs do not return, but they'd ran off the table.

Hexwraiths broke Leadbelchers and ran them off the battlefield, and Terrorgheist flew closer and shouted at the cannon crew, killing them all.

Lost Legion can freely march on in their conquest!

BTW, I'd like to thank Paweł for a very nice game, I hope we'll play again quite soon!

piątek, 28 listopada 2014

Rotten guys

Finally my Lost Legion found adversary even more rotten than themselves. Nurgle legion under command of Kacper, who's Ogres I've fought before. He decided to turn towards Chaos, and granted himself favour of father Nurgle. Don't worry, Kacper himself ain't green yet!

It's the first time my army was joined by Tomb Kings unit, Tomb Queen Shalia, who proved herself very usefull by boosting my skeleton's WS, which allowed them to hit at 4+ instead of 5+ (Nurgle warriors penalise their oponents with -1 to hit).

My forces, no surprise here, ocuppied one of the hills in the corner. Gooosh, I love this tactic. Untill I try it against Bogumil and his Chaos army, at least.

Followers of Nurgle deployed a bit wider (it seems almost impossible to deploy narrower than my forces did!). Big unit of Warriors with Sorcerer in front of my units, small unit of Warriors in the center, and on my right flank - unit of Blightkings with Gutrot Spume as army's general.

I got first turn, all three units held their ground, magic did nothing... Yep, this battle wasn't my Necromancer's good day. Whole line of Chaos forces marched forward.

Second turn, of course - no magic, it seems that only thing Necromancer was good at was dispeling. Warriors and Blightkings advanced steadily.

Next turn - no magic, again... A bit teasing, might I say. No movement, chaos moved a bit closer, and here we go. Skeletons charged big unit of Warriors, Crypt Ghouls - the smaller unit, and finally I've managed to summon something. Three Vargheists flew to the battlefield to aid my forces.

Small unit of Warriors destroyed my Ghouls, but Skeleton Warriors, boosted by Tomb Queen's "My will be done", fighting shoulder to shoulder with Wight King and, last but not least, Tamara van Dorst (Vampire Lord), managed to break the Chaos Warriors, but were unable to catch them, and had to stop 1" before my Vargheists. Next turn I've got charged by Blightkings...

Actually, they are not as scarry as they look... They've managed to kill few skeletons, but well, who doesn't? After they got charged by Vargheists, and rallied Warriors joined the fight, it looked like whole battle took place in one tiny spot.

For the first time my Wight King died, leaving me without +2 bonus to combat resolution (BSB with War Banner). I've lost one skeleton due to combat resolution, and decided to reinforce the fight with my Necromancer's bunker of Crypt Ghouls.

They've seen just a bit of fight, cause they got separated from the enemy by few blows of Tamara's sword. She killed two Blightkings!

That was enough to break the unit, and Vargheists were fast enough to catch the fleeing foes. Soon after that, Skeleton Warriors broke the other unit, and ran them down.

Even the forces of Nurgle proved too weak to stop the Legion! Battle very much in spirit of End Times, undead forces fight against Gutrot's retinue.

I think it's just a right moment to play with Bogumil, it's been quite long since someone were able to defeat my moving corpses :). Oh, and yesterday I've played against Pawel, our local GW store manager. I'll write something about that battle soon!

czwartek, 27 listopada 2014

...and more Black

As I've mentioned before, after two battles against elves came third, this time - classic Dark Elves.

Deploying in one corner of the table proved usefull, so I've done it again. Large unit of Skeleton Warriors, with Vampire Lord and Wight King BSB on the left side of the hill, Crypt Ghouls with Master Necromancer on the right side, Terrorgheist a bit closer to the enemy, and Spirit Hosts and Dire Wolves as a screen for my right flank, backed up by mounted Vampire.

Elves deployed much wider, shooting and magic base in front of the hill (crossbowmen, two Sorceresses, one lv.2, one lv.4 and Bolt Thrower), Corsairs and Executioners in the middle, along with Cold One Chariot, and Cauldron of Blood backed up by Cold One Knights on the left flank of the elven army.

I began, and moved my forces just a touch. In magic phase my Necromancer summoned unit of Hexwraiths. Elves began to move forward, crossbowmen moved a bit closer, chariot and corsairs advanced at top speed, Cauldron of Blood manouvered closer to the middle, and Cold One Knights marched forward, cyrcling around the wood.

Dark Elf magic and shooting managed to kill four of five Hexwraiths, one wolf and two skeletons.

Wolves and mounted Vampire charged the chariot, but only Dire Wolves managed to hit their target. Terrorgheist flew in front of the elven shooting base, and shouted at bolt thrower's crew, killing only one elf. Wolves got skinned by Cold One Chariot, two died, and third perished due to combat resolution.

Elves advanced forward, passing my Vampire. I think psychological effect of having such killer sometimes is worth more than he can physically inflict.

Of course next turn Vampire charged the chariot, but could not deliver the final wound. In return, he got charged by Cauldron, and killed the Wytch mistress in combat.

Later he managed to finish the chariot off, and Terrorgheist flew closer to shout at Cauldron, destroying whole machine.

I must admit, we had to hurry a bit with next turns, so no pict from now on. Ghosts and skeletons killed remaining crossbowmen and Witches, Ghouls destroyed Cold One Knights, ghosts held Executioners, and Ghouls finished them off in next turn. Finally, main unit of Skeleton Warriors killed all the Corsairs.

Another victory for the Lost Legion!

wtorek, 25 listopada 2014

Black, and white...

It's been few days since I wrote something. That's the dark side of working in film industry, sometimes you have plenty of time, sometimes you work 24/7 and regret that you can work only 24 hours a day.

Last friday I've played against two armies, first - Dark Elves, and then - High Elves (I guess my army is gearing up for the coming of Khaine).

Dark Elves army was very fast, based mostly on Dark Riders, heroes on Pegasi and Doomfie Warlocks. I've deployed quite wide, but not as wide as the Elves. My forces moved just a bit, wolves and ghosts circled a bit to direct incoming charges away from my infantry.

Followers of Khaine were quite close to my lines, thanks to their vanguard move, but in their first turn, light cavalry moved back (I don't know why). I've lost Dire Wolves due Dark Rider's shooting, but managed to summon 5 Hexwraiths in return.

Doomfire Warlocks advanced, alongside Dark Riders, just to get flew-over by Hexwraiths and shouted by Terrorgheist, who got charged by the remaining unit.

Beastie died soon after that, sadly :( Two of pegasi heroes flew on my left flank.

Did I mention my Terrorgheist died? Well, not for long, I summoned the beast right back, just in place to shout to death one of pegasi. The second one charged my ghouls with Arnold Lowefell (Master Necromancer).

Second pegasi died soon after that, and Terrorgheist got charged by 2 units and one hero (one of units went down from 5 to 2 strong due to dangerous terrain - I thought I'm the only one capable of rolling three "1" on five dice).

My main unit charged Dark Riders in the middle, killing them all.

And that would be it for the game. I won by around 300 points, if I remember correctly.

The seccond battle was fought against High Elves, the same army I've played before, with addition of the lord mounted on the Gryphon.

I've decided to deploy my whole army in one corner of the table.

Elves deployed wider, with three bolt throwers facing my force, and infantry with gryphon lord in the middle.

I've decided not to use the vanguard move of my wolves, but elven fast cavalry moved forward at top speed.

I got first turn, and charged the incoming cavalry with wolves, ghosts and Terrorgheist.

Riders fled, but Dire Wolves managed to cath them, and run straight into unit of spearmen. Terrorgheist and Spirit Hosts moved forward a bit, but were unable to reach any enemy units.

Terrorgheist used Death Shriek on the same unit of spearmen, and wolves killed few more. Spearmen killed four in return. Lord and Swordmasters began to advance through the center of battlefield.

That was all my Terrorgheist needed. He turned around, flew a few inches, and shouted at the high elf on the winged beast, killing him instantly. Second time I've killed enemy lord without breaking a sweat just because they had no ward save. You may have no armour, but ward save is a must-have!

Wolves perished, and ghosts took their place.

Terrorgheist got charged by Swordmasters and lone Gryphon, but managed to inflict enough wounds to break both units, catch the beast, and kill Swordmasters next turn.

I've summoned three Vargheists, and used them to silence those Bolt Throwers once and for all.

After my Spirit Hosts finally killed spearmen, they've charged on Seaguard. My main unit of Skeleton Warriors did the same, and Terrorgheist jumped right behind them, to kill few in shooting phase.

Most of the unit died, the rest fled, but got caught. Vargheists killed all bolt thrower's crew, and the battle was over in turn 4.

Today I've destroyed another Dark Elf army (report soon), and tomorrow I play against army of Nurgle, hopefully I'll be able to continue the victorious passage of my army. Stay tuned!