Lost Legion - Chaos Army

Lost Legion is a force quite different than most Chaos Legions. It's much less influenced by Chaos, and more by ambition and lust for power. Whole legion is led by Inner Council, the gathering of most powerfull legionaires. Apart from that council, there's the Warp Brotherhood, smaller gathering that consists mostly of psykers of various kinds. Brotherhood doesn't have as much power as the Inner Council, but, to be honest, the Legion never went to war without Brotherhood's approval.

Currently, there are only a few models done, and those are:

Ct'rath the Unclean

One of favoured daemons of Nurgle, he usually inhabits sewers under imperial cities, waiting to emerge behind enemy lines and start the carnage.

Cullen the Bonereaper

Member of the Inner Council, very powerfull warrior. Usually rides to battle on his heavy bike with buzz-saw mounted in place of front wheel.


Sorcerer quite strongly pulled towards Tzeentch, his speciality is Divination. The member of the Warp Brotherhood, he isn't the most powerfull sorcerer in the Legion, but he's a formidable warrior, unlike many other psykers. Very often he leads a unit of bikers into battle, boosting them with various spells that allow them to destroy everyone on their path. On the picture he's accompanied by his spell familiar.

Exemplar Taurell

Former Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, he've seen his mistake, threw away the false Emperor and began his crusade against whole Empire. Currently he leads various units into battle, with one purpose - to kill as many loyalists as possible.

Wraithkillers Squad

Three once loyalist Centurions turned to chaos after their entire chapter was wiped out by Ulthwe Eldars. Till this day they kill every single Eldar that gets into their shooting range, expecially Wraith Constructs, which they hate the most.


Designed by Warpsmith Kalthor the Iron Hand, Bloodshroud is the special kind of Land Speeder, that covers large area of battle with mist made of blood particles, hiding Bloodshroud and any unit nearby from enemy fire.

Outlaws Squad

This squad was recruited among various gangs, and every member is former murderer, thief, hooligan or all of the above. Their speciality are dirty tactics, attacking from the back, explosives and traps.

Mechanicum Renegade Squad

Few Skitarii Rangers caught by the Lost Legion, tortured untill they lost all their sanity, and then exposed to mutating energies of Eye of Terror. Now, they are loyal only to Chaos Gods, and fight as a vanguard unit in the Legion.

Land Speeder Storm "Hellmaw"

Land Speeder Storm captured by the Outlaws and turned into their ride to battle.

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