piątek, 21 kwietnia 2017

Miranda Doni

For about a month I play X-Wing with rebel scum instead of proper, imperial forces. The squadron is not my idea, it was used by several players before, in various configurations:

+ Dash Rendar
   - Lone Wolf
   - Outrider
   - Heavy Laser Cannon
   - Smuggling Compartment
   - Burnout Slam
   - Rey

+ Miranda Doni
   - Twin Laser Turret
   - Extra Munitions
   - Conner Net
   - Ion Bombs
   - Sabine Wren
   - Advanced Slam

Sadly, this setup is being used by more and more players here in Warsaw. On the last tournament there were 11 players, 4 of them playing Dash + Miranda. I had to make my squadron at least look a bit different...

That's my Miranda in rat style. She was bored during patrol, watched Mad Max, and decided to change her style... Next on the workstation will be Dash, who currently still looks like every YT-2400 out there...

sobota, 18 marca 2017

X-Wing season end

After Team Championship there was one Regional Championship in Poznań (from which I dropped after 4'th round). Now, the season came to an end. We'll have some store championships, and national championship, but there'll be no more Regionals this year.

On Team Championship we took 6'th place, all of us made 2:2 result. All in all, my first few months of playing X-Wing weren't really successfull. I've decided to pick the most difficult squadron I can imagine, and use it till next season for practice. So, I came up with:

Soontir Fel (Royal Guard, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, Push the Limit)
Deathfire (Conner Net, Ion Pulse Missles, Extra Ammunitions, Guidance Chips)
Whisper (Veteran Instinct, Advanced Cloaking Device, Fire Control System)

I think that this squadron will teach me (over next half a year) how to fly carefully, plan several turns ahead, take care of my models, which are fragile, place bombs, use ion tokens to take control over enemy ships, etc.

In the meantime, I'd decided to try and repaint some of my ships. First was the Sabine's Tie (which I made from regular TIE, exactly like Sabine did), then, I've decided to paint Whisper:

What do you think?

piątek, 3 marca 2017

X-Wing Warsaw Team Championship

Howh! In just a few hours me and my team is gonna play on Warsaw Team Championship. Three players per team, each leading different faction. I were given the Empire (I wanted to try my Rebels, but we already have the Rebel player). My squadron is the variation of what I wrote about lately, but with slight changes.

Captain Yorr [Collision Detector, Tractor beam, Darth Vader, Inspiring Recruit] (29)

Tomax Bren [Crack Shot, Extra Munitions, Homing Missiles, Ion Bombs, Guidance Chips] (34)

Soontir Fel [Royal Guard TIE, Push the Limit, Stealth Device, Autothrusters] (35)

As you can see, I chose Tomax over Inquisitor. He ain't that tanky, but gives me a bit more firepower and some bombs.

I'll let you know how it went ;)


poniedziałek, 20 lutego 2017

New X-wing rooster

After some unfortunate games with my previous squadron, I've decided to use some other ships. Current meta seems to be various Manaroo-based scums and Miranda-based rebels, but I chose a different path.

Since I began playing X-wing I loved aces. Best pilots, with loads of tricks up in their sleeves, sounds fun for me. Two or three tournaments I played using Vessary, Inquisitor and Carnor Jax. Nice squadron, it even got me the 3'rd place on last tournament, but there's one problem: Aces need their actions, therefore they are vulnerable to stress. One game against bomber with Tactician and Rebel Captive taught me that.

My next idea was Soontir Fel + Inquisitor + Tomax with Shuttle, Vader, Light Frame and Crackshot. Nice squadron, but Tomax died too fast to pay off. But Vader proved quite usefull against Miranda, Fenn Rau and other annoying ships. So, I came up with...

Inquisitor (Push The Limit, Proton Rockets, TIE/v1, Autothrusters)
Soontir Fel (Push The Limit, Royal Guard TIE, Autothrusters, Stealth Device)
Captain Yorr (Collision Detector, Tractor Beam, Darth Vader, Anti-Pursuit Lasers)

First two aces don't need to be introduced, both prove to be very fast, agile, have powerfull attacks and are capable of defending against loads of firepower, provided the nececcary tokens.

Lambda, however, seems a bit strange. I chose Vader over Palpatine, cause that one critical hit may be the difference between victory and defeat. Yorr's ability allows my aces to fly through debris clouds, fly near Assaj Ventress, and still get no stress. Lambdas massive hull proves to be very effective blocker, so APL-s are an obvious choice. Tractor Beam is only half-way usefull in this squadron, cause Yorr shoots after all my other ships, but putting Miranda or Fenn on the rock, making them fly over the rock next turn seems fun enough.

Tomorrow there's another local tournament, so I'll be able to see this squadron in action.


niedziela, 29 stycznia 2017

X-Wing Regional Championship in Wolomin, metagame and some other shit


In December 2016 I bought the 2'nd Core Set for X-Wing miniature game. You know, just a core set, and Tie Advanced, cause Vader is Vader, you know... And next day, a Defender, Bomber and Punisher... All in all, in about 2 weeks I had most of Imperial Forces, including Raider. I began to play, and found out that the community here in Warsaw is quite huge. Every tuesday there are a lot of people in our local pub where we can play (they provide us with tables, beer etc), there are quite a few tourneys...

Anyway, after some games and three (I think) tournaments, I've decided to go to Regional Championship in Wołomin. My list was:

Darth Vader (Swarm Leader, Tie v1, Advanced Targeting Computer, Engine Upgrade)
Omega Leader (Juke, Comm Relay)
Epsilon Leader
Howlrunner (Adaptability)

The idea was to use Vader's Swarm Leader and ATC to deliver 4-5 dice + one critical to enemies, and kill them pretty fast, thanks to Howlrunner's re-roll. Omega Leader can easily finish them off with his ability. Well... That was the idea. The problem was - Vader dies very fast, even though he has 3 dice on defence, he's dead in 1'st or 2'nd salvo. And that was preety much the game, I shot, lost Vader, lost other ships.

The only game I've managed to win was the first one, against double K-Wings with Biggs. Then I had to face Chinereau + Ryad (total loss), Imperial Aces (Inquisitor, Soontir Fell and Quickdraw), Rey + Chopper (even faster loss), Chinereau with Inquisitor (Darth Vader as a crew-member proved much better than the one in his Tie Advanced) and 2 Defenders with Palpatine (you can guess the outcome).

The problem is, that most of the TOP players had either Parattani mindlink list with Ventress, Manaroo and Fenn Rau, various "Miranda + sth" lists, or 3 Defenders/2 Defenders + Palpatine. At least that was my observation. I was hoping to get some results using a different kind of list, but I was wrong...