Lost Legion - Undead Army

Under construction :) For now, list of models and brief history of some characters, I'll take some pics as soon as possible.


Tamara van Dorst, Vampire Lady (on foot)

Godrick van Dorst, Strigoi Ghoul King (on foot)

Arnold Lowefell, Master Necromancer (on foot)

Shalia, Tomb Queen (on foot)


Frederic van Dorst, Vampire (mounted of Barded Nightmare)

Victor van Dorst, Vampire (mounted on Abyssal Terror)

Misha Voskov, Liche Priest (on foot)

Lucas the Orgre-Slayer, Wight King battle standard bearer (on foot)

Princess Shilla, Tomb Banshee

Orin the Cold-blooded, Wight King (on foot)

Balthazar Gliff, Necromancer

Theodricus's Ghost, Cairn Wraith

Core units:

Scrap-eaters, 40 Crypt Ghouls

Ghosts of the Keep, 50 Skeleton Warriors

Howling Spirits, 2 units of 5 Dire Wolves

The Relievers, 3 Skeleton Chariots

Special units:

The Tormented, 3 Spirit Hosts

Meatwagon, Corpse Cart

Blooddrinkers, 3 Vargheists

Gargoyles, 3 Fell Bats

The Doom, 5 Hexwraiths

Werewolves, 3 Crypt Horrors

Rare units:

Terminator, Terrorgheist

Head-cutter, Varghulf

Altar of Bones, Casket of Souls


Tamara van Dorst, daughter of Luthor van Dorst, Vampire Lady
Luthor's firstborn, and favourite. I deploy her mostly as a vampire-meatgrinder :). 4+ ward save, ogre blade (+2 S), red fury, quickblood, enemy faces 5 attacks with re-roll to hit, with strenght 5. After that initial mayhem hits them, for every wound inflicted Tamara delivers another blow (again, with re-roll to hit). It's very rare for her to face worthy oponent.

Frederic van Dorst, son of Luthor van Dorst, Vampire
Frederic is Tamara's younger brother, and, to their father's fury, her lover. He mostly goes to battle mounted on barded nightmare, either alone (rare ocasions) or acompanied by his retinue of 5 Blood Knights.

Victor van Dorst, Luthor's brother, Vampire
Victor is a powerfull vampire, but due to his ill temper, he never grew into power. He rides into battle on back of his flying mount, cause Victor loves bloodbath more than anything else, and wants to get into meele as soon as possible.

Godrick van Dorst, Tamara and Frederick's son, Strigoi Ghoul King
Soon after Godrick was born, Luthor ordered him left to die in the woods, but Strigoi do not die easily. Tamara's son grew up, feeding on various forest creatures, untill he was strong enough to come back home, and face his grandfather. With Ghoul King's claws on his throat, Luthor had no other choice but to let Godrick stay with the family, but knowing Luthor's cunning soul, he'll use any possible oportunity to get rid of his unwanted grandson. Godrick either charges into battle leading unit of Crypt Ghouls, or files atop Terrorgheist.

Vampire's lieutenaints:

Arnold Lowefell, Master Necromancer
Arnold used to be Luthor's Archmage of court. When Luthor was turned into Vampire, it was obvious to Arnold that he'll follow his master. Archmage was trained by amethyst college, and adapted pretty easily to lore of undead.

Misha Voskov, Liche Priest
Misha was a lone survivor to chaos invasion to one of Kislev's cities. As he was lying on the frozen ground, bleeding from many wounds, his body was lifted up by huge, strong claws of Godrick van Dorst. Ghoul King drank Misha's blood, and offered his body to Arnold, none knows why. Necromancer resurrected dead Kislevite, and tought him the lore of Nahakhara.

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