sobota, 28 lutego 2015

Loktar, champion of the Spartans, and new rooster...

Officially, first 100% finished model in my CSM army. It's Loktar, champion of the unit I called the Spartans. The name came from their usual job during the battle, to hold the objective. I imagine them repeling wave after wave of enemies, hiding behind the shields ;) Anyway, Spartans are five Chaos Space Marines, including Loktar, the Aspiring Champion, and one marine armed with flamer. Whole squad travels in Rhino APC "Penteconter"

Loktar's model is assmebled from parts of varioust sets, ie. CSM Marines (legs, torso, backpack, left arm and left armlet), Chaos WFB Warriors (shield) and classic metal Grey Knights (right arm with armlet and glayve).

I've decided to base whole army with cityfight bases, so I've put some concrete and debris on the base.

Tomorrow I'll try to fine-tune my new rooster, with heavy assault supported with mobile units providing close-range fire. Nothing expecially fancy, but might work fine.

CSM 1500pts Combined Arms Detachment

HQ 1: Chaos Lord (Warlord)
- Axe of Blind Fury
- Burning Brand of Skalanthrax
- Mark of Khorne
- Melta Bombs
- Power Armour
- Sigil of Corruption

HQ 2: Daemon Prince
- 3'rd Mastery Level Psyker
- Mark of Nurgle
- Power Armour
- Spell Familiar
- Black Mace
- Wings

Elite 1: 10 Chosen
- Champion with Powersword & Meltabomb
- 5 Meltaguns
- Mark of Nurgle
- Rhino with Dirgecaster

Troops 1: 10 Cultists
- Autoguns
- 1 Flamer
- Champion with Pistol & CCW

Troops 2: 9 Berzerkers
- CCW + Pistols
- Champion with Lightinig Claw and Power Fist
- Icon of Wrath

Fast Attack 1: 5 Raptors
- Champion with Power Sword & Meltabomb
- 2 Flamers

Heavy Support 1: Land Raider

Please, let me know what you think!

Wolftime tournament report


Today, as you may have red in my previous entries, I took my Chaos Pirates to the Wolftime tournament. Pretty simple army that I chose looked like this:

- 3'rd Mastery Level
- Force Axe
- Spell Familiar (which I never remembered about, shame on me)
- Burning Brand of Skalanax
- Terminator Armour

Daemon Prince
- 3'rd Mastery Level
- Mark of Nurgle
- Black Mace
- Power Armour
- Wings

4 Terminators
- Pair of Lightning Claws
- Powerfist with Combi-Melta
- Chainfist with Combi-Melta
- Lightning Claw and Combi-Flamer
- Mark of Slaanesh and Feel no Pain icon

- Mark of Nurgle

10 Cultists
- Autoguns
- Flamer
- Champion with Pistol and CCW

5 Marines
- Flamer
- Champion with Power Sword and CCW
- Rhino with Dirge Caster

3 Obliterators
- Mark of Nurgle

- Daemonic Posession
- Dirge Caster

Land Raider
- Dirge Caster

My idea was to ballance the shooting and close combat units. Didn't work so well, but I've learned much (the hard way!).

First battle, against Predator's Space Marines, was actually a challenge we agreed upon few days before the Wolftime. As far as I remember, he fielded Chapter Master on Bike, Tygirius, 2 units of Bikers, 4 Centurions!, Techmarine with his cannon, 10 Marines in Drop-Pod and Stormtalon. Quite challenging battle, till turn 3 we went head to head, then my Land Raider managed to take down the Stormtalon (both Lascannons and 3 Heavy Bolter Shots, 5 in total, all 6-es!), Daemon Prince ate the Centurions, and CSM killed bikers with Tygirius. All in all, 16:4 in big points for me.

Next battle was against Typuś and his Wolves. I've made two mistakes, charged with Daemon Prince and with Terminators, both units anihilated, the battle went till turn 2, when I surrendered. Still, the game I'd learned most from.

Last battle was against second CSM player in this tournament, not an usual sight, two CSM armies on the tournament ;). We'd played for 6 turns, when my army was finally wiped out. Quite a few mistakes, loads of bad luck when it came to dice, but all in all, I'm happy with all the battles.

After points were ad up, I scored 9-th place out of 12, if I remember correctly. After 11 years brake from the hobby, I think it's ok ;) Now, back to painting and converting my guys, hopefully there'll be another tournament pretty soon.

środa, 25 lutego 2015

Getting ready for the Tournament!

Wednesday is over, which leaves me only two days to prepare my Pirates for the Tournament that takes place on Saturday.

To remind you, it's a local tournament, with some special rules. 1500 points armies, with additional 100 points if you play Orks, Dark Eldar, Tyranids or Chaos. That's right, I get to spend 1600 points. All the units in the Codex are made 0-1, wchich means no two units of CSM in Rhinos, no two Daemon Princes, and, what a pitty, no nine Obliterators.

With that in mind, I've prepared my army rooster. Whole army in it's current condition is pictured below.

From top left, Land Raider, 4 Terminators, CSM Squad in Rhino, Vindicator, 3 Obliterators (one still needs to be designed), 10 Cultists, Spawn, Sorcerer in Terminator Armour and Daemon Prince.

As you can see, there's still much to be done, I need to assemble 1 Terminator, 1 Obliterator, Land Raider and the Sorcerer, and paint almost everything. I'll probably loose the points for fully painted army, but I need to assemble all the models at least.

Wish me luck!

poniedziałek, 23 lutego 2015

First loot!

Yesterday, small fleet of my Pirates decided to pay a small imperial town a visit. You know, friendly "give me all your money or I will eat your guts" visit. Sadly, on the way to mutual happieness stood a local contingent of Imperial Guard.

My army I've already described in the previous post. Imperial forces consisted of two Leman Russ tanks (one "classic", one with that nasty plasma "three blasts ap:2" weapon), one infantry unit with two heavy weapon teams (lascannons), two plasmas and commisar, command squad in chimera and level 2 psyker.

We rolled "Big guns never tire", placed objectives, and rolled for deployment. I won the roll, and deployed my forces.

Wide deployment, perfect for getting to all those objectives and holding them tight. I imagine those as a treasure chests for my Pirates :). From my left to right, Rhino carrying CSM squad, Vindicator, Obliterator (near the landing pad), Cultists (above him), and Daemon Prince, hiding behind the terrain...

...just in case the Guardsmen steal the first turn from me.

Guard deployed a bit tighter, with two tanks in the middle, platoon next to them, and chimera in the corner.

I got first turn, my Cultists moved forward to hold the objective, Vindicator was out of range, so moved forward as well. Rhino drove closer to the objective. Marines disembarked and shot at guardsmen, killing one.

Daemon Prince flew a bit closer to the Imperial Battleline.

Obliterator shot at Chimera, scoring penetrating hit and shaking the crew in result.

Imperial line moved forward. Both tanks shot at my CSM squad...

Killing everyone but the Champion.

In my turn Vindicator shot at both tanks, taking one hull point from each, and destroying Leman Russes heavy bolter.

Daemon Prince used some psychic mambo-jambo, killing some guardsmen, and cursing their weapons, then he charged at command squad's chimera.

Of course the armour of such a tiny vehicle was not enough to stop the mighty Daemon. Chimera turned into wreck, and command squad had to dissembark.

In imperial turn both tanks moved forward, driving onto some craters. The result - two dangerous terrain tests, two 1's, two immobile vehicles.

Whole platoon shot at Daemon Prince, careless about their getting-hot guns, but managed to score only one wound, thanks to 2+ jink save. In return, getting hot guns killed quite a few guardsmen.

Prince flew over the infantry, and wrecked both tanks in close combat.

Vindicator and Obliterator shot at the infantry, killing most of the unit. They, in return, managed to kill the Daemon Prince!

All in all, I controled most of the objectives.

Unfortunately, lone Cultist holding the objective didn't make it.

Last soldier of command unit not only grabbed the objective, but killed my last model holding one of my objectives, that's 6 points difference!

Nevertheless, I managed to win. Three objectives, 3 points each, Slay the Warlord, First Blood and Linebreaker gave me 12 poinst. Radek managed to grab one objective, and slay my warlord, wchich gave him 4 points in total. With 8 points difference, it was a pretty solid victory for the Pirates.

They may freely kill, burn, steal, and do all the other fun pirate-stuff :)

To sum a game up, I admit I've made a few mistakes. I could have held my cultists, and move them on the objective in last turn. I could have shot with Obliterator at tanks, leaving the Chimera to the Prince, who would score 3 glances as easyly as 2.

The test, however, went great. I know how powerfull that Daemon can be, and I will take him as a HQ choice on the nearest tournament (in just 4 days!).

After the battle I've bought a Land Raider for my army, and I'll use that too. I think I'll also take the Vindicator. Many players don't like that tank, but I think that it's relatively cheap, and can pay for himself with only one shot. We'll see :).

niedziela, 22 lutego 2015

Chaos Pirates are going to war!

First battle of my Pirates will happen in less than 24 hours. We'll have to finish the game in 2 hours sharp, so we agreed on 750pts game (initially it were 1000pts).

My army will be very small one. As a HQ choice I'll use Daemon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Power Armour, Black Mace, Wings and 3 Mastery Levels. Almost half of my poits spent into this one guy, but I think he might be quite usefull. Besides, that's the HQ I'm willing to take to the tournament in just few days, so I need to battletest him.

Troops, troops... The great disaster in CSM codex. I'll try both possible options, Marines and Cultists. Therefore, my troop choices will be: 4 Marines with Flamer plus Aspiring Champion with Power Sword, Bolt Pistol and Melta Bombs, whole squad riding Rhino with Dirge Caster, and squad of 10 cultists with pistols and a flamer.

There'll be no Elites nor Fast Attack choices, I can't afford any of those in such a tiny points limit.

However, when it came to Heavy Support, I took two units. Vindicator with Daemonic Posession and one Obliterator with Mark of Nurgle.

That's it, 750 points, I hope my guys will spill some blood and crack some armour gaining me victory :).

piątek, 20 lutego 2015

Chaos Pirates

After quite a few battles in Warhammer Fantasy realm I must admit I got a bit bored by killing everything on my way using Vampiric Deathstar :).

Therefore I've decided to resurrect my Chaos Space Marines force. I haven't played WH40k since Grand Tournament 2004, eleven years ago. So, after purchasing the codex, and looking at our local forum, I chose the tournament that takes place on 28'th February. About a week to build and paint a 1600pts force.

My idea is to build a force of pirates, guys who don't exactly care about Chaos Gods that much. Instead, they care about getting rich, preying on various ships and settlements that are unlucky enough to get picked by one of my captains, or admiral himself.

First models I began to build are:

Sorcerer Rakan

He's one of two brothers, who are magical apprenticies of more powerfull magicans in the force. Armed with Lighting Claw, he usually supports a squad of Space Marines or Plague Marines.

Fangor, leader of Fangor's Dogs

He leads the unit of Space Marines into combat. Armed with classic Power Fist + Bolt Pistol combo.

Classic Chaos Spawn

I found him among my old models, washed the paint away and sprayed him once again, to get painted in nurglish oily-green colours.

Chaos Raptor

First model of Ishtan's Scorchers, small unit of pyromaniac Raptors. I've purchased the box yesterday, and must admit, it's one of the best sets GW has released last few years. My plan is to use at least two units, maybe even more.

Apart from those almost-finished models, I began building my favourite Heavy Support unit, the Obliterators. As much as I like the unit, I hate the models that GW offer. I have two ideas, first, the Iron Warriors style, second, Ogre-like, nurglish design. Both (in very early WiP) are shown here:

I haven't decided which one I like more yet. Some ideas? :)