środa, 9 grudnia 2015

All is red!

I participated in three tournaments using my latest army list, and I'm very pleased seeing how it performs.

Very important part of my tactics is summoning. It makes the whole army more flexible, and every time I summon a daemon or unit of daemons I have to make a decision based on current situation on the battlefield.

Usually the most popular daemons were Pink Horrors, Daemonettes, Seekers, Screamers and Plague Drones, but now, when Gladius and Lion's Blade armies start to become so popular, I'll need more units of Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers.

I bought a box of Crushers, and dug out a box of Letters I had, and began assembling them, starting with smaller ones:

The work area is prepared to recieve all the bloodthirsty daemons.

All Bloodletter parts are cut from frames, mold lines are removed, and I just begin to glue them together.

Letties primed white. I left heads and sword arms separately, to make painting easier.

Skin is done, with two layers of paint, dark red and orange, applied using airbrush.

Sword arms are masked out with masking tape, so I can paint the blades without spoiling the effect on the arm. I've painted hands and feet with black, creating smooth transition from black to red using airbrush.

That's it for today, I hope I'll finish them tomorrow.

czwartek, 19 listopada 2015


Guys, really... I got into painting my daemons horde. I felt a bit bad about them, cause they've been waiting to get painted for quite some time, during that months winning me so many games... They deserve to be painted!

You already know this guy:

His base is finally done, so he's finished.

Yesterday I got yet another box of Pink Horrors (you never have enough of those with summoning army), put them together without even leaving the store, and started painting today:

That's of course a WiP picture, main colours are done, I have to paint the details, like eyes, claws, teeth, tounges and jewelery, and finish the bases of course. Hopefully tomorrow they'll be done.

wtorek, 17 listopada 2015

More daemons!

Yesterday I've mentioned that I'll have to paint all my daemons. That's quite a lot of models, ~60, from Horrors to Keeper of Secrets.

Today I started painting one of my favourite units in daemonic army, Great Unclean One. I'm not a huge fan of the GW model, so I used another miniature instead. I do that quite often, and in this case I used baby Cthulhu model from SpellCrow.

Currently it looks like this, model is finished, I just have to finish the base, which I cannot do right now, as the texture paint I've put between the stones needs some time to dry. Tomorrow I'll drybrush the stones, paint the bottom of the water that will be on the base, weather the steel platform, and finally add some water flowing through pipes on the base surface.

Hope you like the model, tomorrow I'm going to paint some other daemons, maybe Keeper of Secrets, maybe some Horrors or Daemonettes, or maybe some more Screamers? Who knows, after all, my chaotic nature may pull me in many directions. Cheers!

poniedziałek, 16 listopada 2015

Deamons strike back!

Hi there!

The night before the Wasteland I came up with an idea of an army slightly different than my usual one. Of course, it will contan some kind of deathstar, but very strange one.

Main unit is built around three Thunderfire Cannons, with whole Librarius Conclave with Tigurius, and one another Librarian with the Eye artifact from new White Scars. Whole unit is placed on Landing Pad, for 4+ inv. That gives me quite a lot summoning (three spells that go off on 2+ with re-rolls), and in shooting phase - 12 small blasts with S:6, rending and ignore cover.

Then there is Knight Warden, working as a bodyguard for my deathstar, protecting it from bike/wolf combat stars.

That's it for semi-loyalist part of the army. Pure Chaos part is based on two allied detachment, Crimson slaugher with Sorcerer, Cultists and Heldrake, and Daemons one, with Blue Scribes and two units of Horrors.

Whole army spams daemons like crazy, and shoots with quite a lot firepower.

That required me to bring some of my daemons back home, and start painting them (finally!).

First came the screamers, which look like this:

Tomorrow I'm going to test this army against new Tau army, we'll see what it can do :)

niedziela, 15 listopada 2015


Few hours ago I came back from Wateland Challenger in Płock. The tournament's name is pretty acurate, I'm totally wasted (in a good way!).

After four battles I ended up 17'th, which ain't good at all... I'll have to play loads of battle tests (I mean LOADS) before next season.

For today - pics from the tournament :) Enjoy.

piątek, 6 listopada 2015

Bloodshroud DONE!

And so it is. Bloodshroud, the only landspeeder that covers whole battlefield with the mist made of blood, is finally done. Enjoy :)

And the close-up on the altar:

Of course I'm going to bring that nasty thing to tomorrow's tournament. Wish me luck!

Bloodshroud Update

Bloodshroud is almost ready!

Of course I'd messed some things up, I'm still learning how to use the airbrush. Anyway, the machine looks as it is, all I need to do is to finish the statue that will stand on top. Hopefully I'll finish that today, cause tomorrow I'm going to play on the tournament that will prepare us for next weekend's challenger in Płock.

I'm going to use the same rooster, to gain more experience playing this army.

środa, 4 listopada 2015


My Warpsmith, Kalthor the Iron Hand, designed a special kind of vehicle, that will help my other units to get to melee in one piece. Bloodshroud is quite similar to Dark Angels Darkshroud, but it creates the red fog for made of blood sprayed all over battlefield.

The hull is mostly painted, as are the armours of the crew.

I still need to paint all the details, some symbols, and finish the main piece that will be mounted on the back part of the hull. What will that be, that's a surprise for you :)

wtorek, 3 listopada 2015

Outlaw's transport

Yesterday I finally finished my Outlaws squad, today their transport is finally done:

Land Speeder Storm allows them to move faster throuhg the battlefield, and gives me another ob-sec unit.

Today I've also put the base metal colour to the Darkshroud, so probably tomorrow the hull and crew will be done. Till then!

poniedziałek, 2 listopada 2015

Outlaws ready!

Today I have finished my Outlaws squad. Five scouts with boltguns, converted from cultist models, CSM bolters and some additional bits.

Tomorrow I'll finish the driver and gunner for their transport - Land Speeder Storm, and the whole unit will be ready. Next I'm going to paint Darkshroud, as I've almost finished converting that monstrocity.

Till then!

piątek, 30 października 2015

Deathstar rides to Plock!


Yesterday I've played final battletest before sending the rooster to tournament orgs. The choice wasn't obvious, but all in all the army will be:

Clan Raukaan CAD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Bike, Auspex, Gorgon's Chain, Fist) - 245pts
HQ2: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Bike, Storm Shield, Fist) - 210pts
Troop1: 5 Scouts (Melta Bombs) [in Transport1] - 60pts
Troop2: 5 Scouts (Melta Bombs) - 60pts
Transport1: Land Speeder Storm - 40pts

Ravenwing Strike Force
FA1: Darkshroud  - 80pts
FA2: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA3: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA4: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA5: Land Speeder (2x Heavy Bolter) - 55pts
FA6: Land Speeder (Multi-Melta) - 60pts
Elite1: Command Squad (6 Black Knights, Apothecary, Launcher, Company Banner) - 290pts
HQ1: Bolesław I Sammael on Corvex - 200pts

Inquisitorial Detachment
HQ1: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (Psychotroke Grenades, Rad Grenades, 2x Servo Skull) - 61pts

I'll have to prepare most of the models, as I'm sick of playing with unpainted army. First model I began to work on is Darkshroud, which currently looks like this:

Hopefully I'll finish converting tomorrow, and paint the model till monday :).

wtorek, 27 października 2015

How the Outlaws ride to battle?

Today I finally bought myself an airbrush. Of course I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing, but started to regardless.

First thing was very easy - basecoating my minis. That speeds everything up a lot. As my whole army needs their armours painted gunmetal before I start applying any other colours, it took me quite a while to put that paint with brush. With airbrush, it's a matter of minutes to basecoat whole squad.

Thanks to that, I were able to finally paint the transport for my Outlaws squad. Land Speeder Storm that I bought few months ago was flying (floating?) to battle "painted black" for so long... Today he finally got some colours.

Sorry for the yellow tape, the model is far from being finished.

And that's how it looks with it's owners, unfinished as well, shame on me.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully finish both the squad and the speeder. Till then, see you!

poniedziałek, 26 października 2015

Preparing models for Alpha Strike


Today I had more free time than usual, therefore were able to spend some time preparing my models. First was one of Mooncrushers, ie. 7 Devastators with Grav-Cannons.

Then I've started painting my Chaplain, who'll ride along with my Smashfuckers.

Haven't came up with a name for him yet, hopefully I will in next few days.

Next model I started converting was my very own Draigo (who of course will bear a different name).

One of those pesky models for AoS, I had to switch his hand to bear a sword, remove Sigmar's emblems, and sculpt some fur on the cloth. Still some work to do, I think about a furry cloak, but - we will see.

Last models I worked on were two Servo Skulls for my Inquisitor.

I want them as two flaming skulls, sth. like Ghost Rider :).

Maybe tomorrow I'll finish something up.