środa, 29 kwietnia 2015

Building Rouge Psyker

During last Crusade I found my army lacking some punch in psychic phase, expecially oponent's psychic phase. I need much more warp charges, therefore - I need more psykers.

My army is based on three main forces: Chaos Space Marines, Renegades & Heretics and Daemons. Of course, the easiest way to increase warp charge count is to add some  daemonic allies, expecially Tzeentch's Daemons. The problem is, on most tournaments I cannot duplicate FoC-s, so I'm limited to 1 Combined Arms Detachment, 1 Allied Detachent, and probably one Formation. I have to chose wisely. If I want to use CAD or AD from Daemons, I need a full Screaemerstar, which usually will cost about half the points available for the army. My latest list is based on Renegades (CAD) and CSM (AD). That leaves me with one HQ choice from Marines (earning me up to 3 charges) and 2 HQ choices from Renegades. I have to use one Command Squad, in wchich Arch Demagogue may be a LV. 2 psyker. Five charges in total, not so good. The trick is - second HQ choice - the Rouge Psykers. Up to five per HQ slot, and up to five per Elite slot, if my Demagogue is a psyker. For now, I've decided to use maximum of five Rouge Psykers, which gives me total of ten warpcharges. Not too bad (not so good also).

The thing is, Rouge Psyker has no model in GW range, and only two models available from Forge World. Truth is - either of them is expecially good-looking. I've decided to scrap-build my own psykers, each one unique in his style.

Idea for the first psyker is a mad old man, who is always grumpy, shouts at everyone, and gets really angry when you and your friends play  music too loud. In that case, he may throw some burning skulls at you and eat your soul with some hot tea.

I've gathered some bits, mostly from WFB Zombies, head is from Epire Wizards (also WFB).

Model after initial assembly looks like that. By drilling a hole in the palm of his hand I gave myself an option to create some kind of spell he's casting.

First idea was some kind of lightning bolt.

Then, I'd guled couple of skulls to both wires.

That's how the model looks after some work with green stuff (filling gaps and adding some warp tentacles to wires). Tomorrow I'll finish the wiring and sculpt the cloak. Day after tomorrow I'll be able to paint this guy. Till then!

niedziela, 26 kwietnia 2015

Back on Black

First oficial photos of my models! Finally I forced myself to take my models with me to my studio, and take some pictures. First two models to pose were Arthon the Cunning, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, and Vindicator tank "Skullburner".

Arthon is the unquestioned leader of all the Daemons who march with Lost Legion. It is said that even Kairos the Fatweaver respects him and obeys his command in some rare ocasions when those two fight together.

Vindicator tank Skullburner. Got her name during 52'nd Crusade, when she fired one single shell, killing Khorne Lord on Juggernaut with four Spawns. Since then, she also has the Maelstorm Rider upgrade, gaining her Outflank.

Next in the line is probably Hell Blade or some Rouge Psykers.

Crusade 53 - Never Better!

Hi! Moments ago I came back from 53'rd Crusade. I must admit, I wasn't prepared for this tournament. Yesterday my fiancee took me to her friend's wedding, and I came back quite late at night. Therefore, I was late for the tournament, with army built in ~5 minutes.

Sorcerer on Bike in unit of Nurgle Bikers, Cultists, Chosen with 5 Meltaguns in Dreadclaw, Renegade Command Squad, Veterans, Punisher and Greater Brass Scorpion. That last beast proved to be one of the best units in whole game.

In first battle I faced Liwan's Decurion. Not much to say about that battle, Decurion is simply unbeatable in normal circumstances. I lost 19:1.

Then, I fought Dawid, witch whom I'd played last time, and he won. This time I managed to destroy most of his army, and score 20:0 victory.

Last battle brought my Lost Legion to fight against Imperial Guard led by Janek. Tough battle, Janek is a very skilled general, and his Guard is pretty tough, expecially after it's boosted by loads of psychic powers. All in all, I won by one single point, 11:9. Good thing is, Janek agreed that on the next Crusade we'll play again during the first round, so both of us will have a chance to score a bit higher.

Currently I work on few units I've been working on for a long time. I'd managed to finish my Vindicator (photos soon), and today my plan is to finish Renegade Demagogue and put together Veterans.

środa, 15 kwietnia 2015

Nine days left - final rooster


In nine days Lost Legion must be ready for 53'rd Crusade. After putting my Dreadclaw together, I knew I wanna give that thing a try. That determined my main unit - Chosen with Meltaguns inside a Dreadclaw.

Initially I thought about using Sorcerer on foot as my Warlord, and making him join the Chosen, but all in all I've decided to give him a Bike and a retinue of Bikers.

Second HQ choice was pretty obvious for me - Be'Lakor, the first Daemon Prince. I've seen so many Imperial Knights on the tables, it would be foolish not to use Be'Lakor, cause if there's one thing he's simply the best at, it's destroying vehicles, both regular and heavy. Last time I deployed him, he destroyed a Baneblade in one game turn (two assault phases).

For anti - aircraft my choice was also obvious - Hell Blade, the best Fast Attack CSM army has.

Sadly, I had to fill that second compulsory Troops slot, and I did it the easiest possible way - by deploying some Cultists.

For infantry - hunting, I want to give Leman Russ Punisher a try. Twenty shots from gatling, plus additional weapons, all that after 6" move, I think it will work just fine. That, of course, forced me to add Heretics and Renegades AD, therefore - one HQ and one Troops compulsory.

For the HQ I chose the cheapest possible Command Squad, with single Lascannon Team for some extra firepower.

Troops will be five Veterans, with Meltagun, in Deep Strike. Last time that unit worked quite well, and I think that after I learn how to use them properly, they'll work even better.

After many battles, I thought about leaving my Vindicator in my cabinet for good. Usually the tank did nothing or next to nothing. But the last game of last tournament, well... One lucky shot from Vindicator killed four Chaos Spawns and Juggerlord that was hiding in their unit. Circa 360 points in one shot. Therefore, I've decided to give that tank a try, this time using one of Legacy of Ruin rules, gaining it Outflank and Fear. It may help a lot, cause the main problem with using Vindicator is it's short range.

That leaves me with over 200 points left. The choice is simple - three Obliterators with Mark of Nurgle.

Twelve scoring units should gain me some points for scoring objectives, and hopefully save me from getting tabled more than once!

wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2015

Dreadclaw, and ten days left...

A bit of break from building Renegades and Zombies, I've decided to build a drop-pod for my Chosen. Of course, there's no actuall drop-pod in either CSM rulebook, nor in Imperial Armour 13. But, there's something a bit more tricky - a Dreadclaw.

Official model, sold by Forge World, is heavy, difficult to transport, and, lat but not least, expensive. If I'm about to order something from Forge World again, it will be a Raptor or more Hell Blades.

I chose to build my own Dreadclaw, using THIS tutorial. It wasn't very easy, but it surely wasn't hard. It took me about 30 minutes, including removing mold lines etc.

Tomorrow I'll put some primer on it, and paint the thing. I'm trying to use fully painted army on 53'rd Crusade, so I have ten days to paint quite a lot models, that is:

Sorcerer on Bike (built)

Sorcerer on Foot (built)

10 Autogun Cultists (built)

9 Chosen with Champion and 5 Meltas (6 built, 1 done)

Dreadclaw (built)

5 Bikers with 2 Meltas (built, one done)

Predator (built)

Vindicator (built)

3 Obliterators (one done)

Demagogue with retinue of 2 Disciples and Lascannon Team

5 Renegade Infantry Veterans with Melta (built)

Leman Russ Punisher (built)

Hell Blade (built)

43 models, including 4 vehicles. As you can see, almost all models are built, but I have to paint them, that leaves me with 4-5 models a day to make it. Not an easy task, but I'll do my best.

niedziela, 12 kwietnia 2015

First Zombies and Renegades

Yesterday I've managed to put together some models for my Renegades Detachment. Seven Renegade Infantrymen, and six Zombies.

Infantrymen made using Cadian Shock Troops and Kromlech Gasmasks, Zombies are mix of Cadians and plastic Zombie Regiment from WFB.

I hope I'll have enough time to prime and paint them this evening. The problem with horde armies is exactly this - I have to paint A LOT of models.

sobota, 11 kwietnia 2015

52'nd Crusade and getting to work

Today Lost Legion assaulted Adeptus Mechanicus Wargames Club. I had to build 1500pts army, up to three detachments, and decided to try some new solutions. Therefore, I took Khorne Lord on Bike and Sorcerer on Bike inside a 4-man strong unit of Bikers. Along with them there were three tanks (Predator with three lascannons, Vindicator and Leman Russ Battle Tank), two Hell Blades, two ten-man-strong units of Cultists, 5 Veterans with melta, in deep strike, Sonic Dreadnought and Renegade Command squad with Lascannon.

First battle was against another Chaos Army, led by my friend Łukasz. Funny, we've knew each other, but never played before.

Here you can see most of my army blasted to pieces. I got tabled after short, but bloody carnage.

Second battle I played against Adam, with whom I'd played few times before, both WFB and 40k.

I must admit, luck was on my side this time. Hell Blades killed both flying Tyrants, and third (warlord) got smashed by Sonic Dreadnought's Chainfist. This time it was my army that tabled their opponents.

Last (but not least) game was... Well, horrible for my forces. I didn't stand a chance against...

... Warhound Titan. I managed to kill Lord with his Spawn Retinue, with single lucky shot from Vindicator, but that wasn't enought, I got tabled in turn 6.

All in all, I was 13'th out of 16 players. Could be better, that's for sure.

Two weeks from now is 53'rd Crusade, this time 1850pts game, which is good, the more points, the better!

I'll try to field a bit more painted models, I don't like playing with gray/black army. After the tournament I went to GW store, and bought 10 Cadians and Comissar, to finish my Demagogue, and build some Renegade Infantry (first squad out of first platoon).

Hopefully today/tomorrow I'll be able to post some pictures.

As for now, I've managed to come up with a rooster I would use if I had 30 Infantrymen and 40 Zombies. Almost impossible, but maybe I'll give it a try, who knows?

+ Renegade Command Squad
     - Arch Demagogue - Rouge Witch level 2, Convenant of Nurgle
     - 4 Disciples with Lasguns

+ Enforcer
     - Power Axe, Combat Drug Injectors

+ 40 Plague Zombies

+ Renegade Infantry Platoon
     - Platon Command Squad - 10 Renegades + Lascannon Team
     - Infantry Squad - 10 Renegades
     - Infantry Squad - 10 Renegades

+ Leman Russ Punisher
     - Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Lascannon, Militia Training

+ Be'Lakor

+ 10 Cultists
     - Autoguns

+ 10 Cultists
     - Autoguns

+ Hell Blade
     - Helstorm Autocannons

+ Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne

If I'll be able to put together those 70 models (Infantry Squads and Zombies), I'll field this rooster, we'll see how that works. Either way - today I'll glue first Infantry Squad of ten Infantrymen, using plastic Cadian Shock Troops and Gasmask Heads from Bits of War.

czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2015

Paint, you lazy, stubborn...

Yep, I have to motivate myself... Currently it takes me about a week to paint ONE model. If I keep this pace up, it will take me about 5 years to complete my force. A bit too long, don't you think?

I've decided to publish a list of units I want to include in my army, and update the list to keep myself motivated. Hope that will work. So...


Daemon Prince (assembled and painted)


Chaos Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

Sorcerer on Bike

Sorcerer on foot

Sorcerer on foot

Herald of Tzeentch on Disk (assembled)

Herald of Tzeentch on Disk

Herald of Tzeentch on Disk

Renegade Command Squad

Renegade Command Squad

Renegade Enforcer

Renegade Enforcer

Renegade Enforcer

Rouge Psyker


Rouge Psyker



10 Chosen with 5 Meltaguns (assembled)

10 Chosen with 5 Flamers

10 Chosen wih 2 Flamers, Power Fist, Power Axe, Pair of Lightning Claws

Sonic Dreadnought

7 Plague Marines with 2 Plasma Guns

6 Noise Marines

6 Noise Marines

5 Terminators (assembled)

3 Terminators


10 Cultists with Autoguns (assembled)

10 Cultists with Pistols

5 Marines with Flamer (assembled)

60 Plague Zombies

Renegade Infantry Platoon

5 Renegade Infantry Veterans with Meltagun

5 Renegade Infantry Veterans with Meltagun

11 Horrors of Tzeentch (assembled)

Fast Attack:

10 Bikers with 2 Meltaguns

5 Raptors with 2 Flamers

6 Chaos Spawn

Hell Blade

Hell Blade




6 Sentinels with Heavy Flamers

6 Sentinels with Lascannons

Renegade Arvus

Renegade Arvus

8 Screamers of Tzeentch

Heavy Support:

Predator with Lascannons (assembled)

Leman Russ Punisher (assembled)

Leman Russ Punisher

Leman Russ Punisher

Leman Russ Executioner

Leman Russ Executioner

Land Raider (assembled)

3 Obliterators (assembled)

3 Obliterators

3 Obliterators

5 Renegade Wyverns

Renegade Hydra

Renegade Support Squad with 6 Lascannons

Renegade Support Squad with 6 Autocannons

3 Renegade Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries

3 Chaos Space Marines Rapier Batteries with Hades Autocannons


Vindicator (assembled)

Fire Raptor Gunship

Chaos Sicaran Battle Tank

Lords of War:

Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne


Rhino (assembled)


Plague Rhino (assembled)






That should be it... I hope I'll be able to finish the list during following 12 months. Wish me luck!

wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2015

They are the champions...

Theeeey are the chaaaaaaaampions, my frieeeend... Two finished models for Lost Legion, two leaders of two units - Bikers and Melta-Chosen.

Champion for my Melta-Chosen unit, armed with Power Axe and Bolt Pistol. Standard Chosen model from Dark Vengance set.

Second Champion is the leader of my Bikers squad.

Chaos Biker with right arm from Raptor model, head from Warp Talon, and scythes attached to the fork are actually weapons from Zombie regiment.

Now I have to finish the rest of both squads, bringing Chosen up to 9 models, and Bikers up to 10. It may sound a bit too much, but everytime I field Bikers, I wish I used more of them.

As I've mentioned couple of times, CSM Codex is, in my opinion, very weak. Therefore, if I don't want to spent the whole game taking my models off the table, I have to expand my army choices. The most obvious ones are Daemon allies and Imperial Armour XIII.

As much as I like Daemons, for few weeks I work on a rooster that includes something very different - Renegades and Heretics from IA 13. They are pretty much the "Evil Guard", with few changes.

It reminded me that back in the 4'th ed. I used to play Lost and the Damned army, and I have some old models. I dug in my miniatures closed for a wile, and dug out old Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Very old model painted by me, I'll have to repaint it to fit my Lost Legion, but overall it works nive. I'll have to switch the turret, to make it Leman Russ Punisher, but fortunately my friends at Bits of War have just what I need in stock.

Apart from that, I think about making some more tanks, expecially the Executioner with Plasma Cannon sponsons. That would be very nasty against deathstars :).

Currently, I had to prepare a rooster for the 52'nd Crusade, that takes place on saturday. 1500pts army, up to three detachments. I thought about using all three (Marines, Renegades and Daemons), but 1500 ain't much, expecially wile playing such expensive army.

Therefore, I've decided to go a bit different way than I usually do, and try something like that:

     - Force Axe
     - Power Armour
     - 1'st Mastery Level


6 Plague Marines
     - Champion with Power Axe
     - 2 Plasma Guns
     - Rhino with Dozer Blade and Dirge Caster

21 Plague Zombies

Hell Blade
     - Two Helstorm Autocannons

4 Bikers
     - 2 Meltaguns

2 Rapier Batteries
     - 2 Hades Autocannons

3 Obliterators

Renegade Command Squad
     - Demagogue with CCW & Pistol
     - 2 Disciples with Lasguns
     - Lascannon Team

5 Infantry Veterans
     - Meltagun
     - Deep Strike

Leman Russ Punisher
     - Militia Training
     - Heavy Bolter Sponsons
     - Lascannon

I think about getting rid of Obliterators (I like them, but they don't work well for me), cutting a bit here and there, and adding Predator with Lascannons and some Weapon Teams.

sobota, 4 kwietnia 2015

Khorne Daemonkin

About a week ago I got my hands on new Daemonkin Codex. I must admit, despite some rumours I still had hope at that point. Playing CSM army in 7'th edition is not an easy business, thanks to the crapy dex, so I thought "what can be worse than that?". Well... "Codex: Daemonkin" is the answer.

Games Workshop was never a company well managed and I guess nobody there thinks about the players. But with this dex, GW made it clear, that they want some people to buy that stupid book (earning money to GW), and then buy either their new Bloodthirster (leftover from WFB plate) or some models that nobody purchased (like Berzerkers, not only useless, but also ugly and old).

There's no possible option to build the Khorne's army based on this codex that will win even a local tournament...

All in all, I swear, if GW keeps treating CSM players this way for the rest of the year, I quit this hobby, and turn my attention to Warmachine or other "player-friendly" system. GW - you suck...

In the meantime, I get back to my paintstation. For few days I work on some Renegades to join my CSM army as allies, I dug out some models from times when I'd played Lost and the Damned army (including Leman Russ tank), and I wish to incorporate them into my force.

Soon I'll post some pictures of new additions to my army.