środa, 9 grudnia 2015

All is red!

I participated in three tournaments using my latest army list, and I'm very pleased seeing how it performs.

Very important part of my tactics is summoning. It makes the whole army more flexible, and every time I summon a daemon or unit of daemons I have to make a decision based on current situation on the battlefield.

Usually the most popular daemons were Pink Horrors, Daemonettes, Seekers, Screamers and Plague Drones, but now, when Gladius and Lion's Blade armies start to become so popular, I'll need more units of Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers.

I bought a box of Crushers, and dug out a box of Letters I had, and began assembling them, starting with smaller ones:

The work area is prepared to recieve all the bloodthirsty daemons.

All Bloodletter parts are cut from frames, mold lines are removed, and I just begin to glue them together.

Letties primed white. I left heads and sword arms separately, to make painting easier.

Skin is done, with two layers of paint, dark red and orange, applied using airbrush.

Sword arms are masked out with masking tape, so I can paint the blades without spoiling the effect on the arm. I've painted hands and feet with black, creating smooth transition from black to red using airbrush.

That's it for today, I hope I'll finish them tomorrow.