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Painting list


Today I finally managed to gather all the models for my army in one place. Before they were scattered between my apartment, my office and our wargaming club. I took them all and picked the ones I'll need for few future tournaments. It's my last "biker" army with few adjustments. The whole list of models I'll need to play is:

1) Librarian on Bike (with axe) - assembled

2) Librarian on Bike (with axe)

3) Librarian on Bike (with axe)

4) Chapter Master on Bike (with fist and Shield Eternal) - half-way painted

5) Chapter Master on Bike (with fist and storm shield)

6) Apothecary on Bike

7) Veteran on Bike (with grav-gun) - assembled

8) Veteran on Bike (with grav-gun) - half-way painted

9) Veteran on Bike (with grav-gun) - assembled

10) Veteran on Bike (with grav-gun) - assembled

11) Scout Sergeant (with bolter)

12) Scout (with bolter)

13) Scout (with bolter)

14) Scout (with bolter)

15) Scout (with bolter)

16) Land Speeder Storm (with heavy flamer)

17) Scout Sergeant (with bolter)

18)  Scout (with bolter)

19) Scout (with bolter)

20) Scout (with bolter)

21) Scout (with bolter)

22) Drop Pod - half-way painted

23) Centurion Sergeant (grav-cannon)

24) Centurion (grav-cannon)

25) Centurion (grav-cannon)

26) Knight Crusader (battle cannon) - sculpting in progress

It may seem silly to write down each and every model I'll bring to the tournaments, but that's the only way to motivate myself to finish all those models. As you can see, there's a lot of work ahead of me :)

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