poniedziałek, 29 lutego 2016

Dice Crusher 2016

Last weekend I went to Dice Crusher, quite strange tournament that involved in switching armies between players.

Sadly, organizers didn't describe rooster format in 100%, therefore I didn't get 10 additional points, which would gain me a better location :(.

Despite that, I had three very good games. I mean - I had bad luck when it came to organizers, and the best one when it came to oponents. Very big thanks to Afro, Koniu and Cahir, the best games ever!

My army was a bit different than what I used to play:

HQ1: Great Unclean One [Warlord] (2x Greater Reward, Level 3) - 280pts
HQ2a: Herald of Tzeentch (Exalted Reward, Disc, Level 3, Impossible Robe) - 175pts
HQ2b: Herald of Tzeentch (Disc, Level 3) - 120pts
Troop1: 3 Nurglings - 45pts
Troop2: 10 Pink Horrors - 90pts
FA1: 9 Screamers  - 225pts
HS1: Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, 2x Greater Reward, Flight, Level 3) - 315pts

The reason is, I had to build an army that is quite easy to play for me, but real pain to play for my enemies. I think it went well, as I took fifth place overall (would be fourth if not those infernal roosters).

Sadly, that will be my last tournament organized by those people, they simply have no idea what they are doing. None of my oponents red my rooster, they simply wanted me to explain everything...

wtorek, 9 lutego 2016

And even MORE pumpkins!

Just finished two more models for my Dyniaq's:

Arnold Pinewood, tough fighter, quicker with sword than with mind, needs some guideance from other band members, but when it comes to melee, there's no match for him. The fur on his boots is from Sasquatch's scalp!

Arachniaq, the most mysterious and fearsome beast from the whole forest.

And here are some more Dyniaq's waiting to be painted, soon they'll join the band.

niedziela, 7 lutego 2016

More pumpkins!

Third model for my Dyniaq's band, Grump Strongroot, Dyniaq Gladiator, very tough and strong guy, who doesn't talk too much, but those, who wanted to make him talk are currently used to fertilize pumpkin fields.

C&C are always welcome!

środa, 3 lutego 2016

Small Pumpkin

Second model for my Dyniaq's band, small pumpkin that has some very nasty rules :)

Hope you like it, C&C always welcome.

Umbra Turris

Last weekend, on Warsaw Team Championship I had an oportunity to play a short intro-game. The system is called Umbra Turris, and it's developed by Polish company Spellcrow. It's a skirmish game, usually players field from 6 do 12 models, which is a good thing, cause you can focus on each model in your band, and paint it the best you can.

I chose Dyniaq's, very mysterious race, that's exclusively designed for Umbra Turris.

Yesterday I've finished my first model, Adelaide Sprout:

Hope you like the way she looks. I'll try to paint second model tomorrow :)

poniedziałek, 1 lutego 2016

Eldar trickery

Hi there!

I feel ashamed of myself, but I've decided to add some Eldar units into my tournament army. Sad but true, to win you need either Eldar's mobility and firepower, or Necrons durability. I chose the former, as it suits my tactics better.

That's my first idea for the colour scheme, today I'll build a second one, in different colours. Maybe you'll help me decide :)