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Chaos army, and why GW sucks so badly?

I've been playing CSM since 2'nd edition, quite a long time. I love the fluff, I love the models, and I used to love to play them, untill the current dex... I've tried, many times, to build something out of it, but without the help from Daemons or Imperial Armour, that dex simply sucks. Even Tau, Orks and Dark Eldar are stronger than that :/

Therefore, I've built an army that allows me to use my CSM models, plus some extra I'll have to convert, but is also playable.

The army looks like this:

Space Marines CAD

+ Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Power Fist, Bike, Shield Eternal)

+ Librarian (Lv.2, Force Axe)

+ 6 Bikers (2 Grav Guns, Sergeant has Melta Bombs)

+ 4 Bikers (2 Grav Guns, Sergeant has Melta Bombs)

+ Drop Pod

+ Stormtalon Gunship (TL Lascannon)

+ 3 Centurions (Grav-Cannons)

+ Thunderfire Cannon

Librarius Conclave

+ Librarian (Lv.2, Force Axe, Bike)

+ Librarian (Lv.2, Force Axe, Bike)

+ Librarian (Lv.2, Force Axe, Bike)

Oathsworn Detachment

+ Knight Errant (Twin Icarus Autocannon)

I'll have to convert Centurions, Stormtalon and Thunderfire Cannon, but most models I already am working on for my CSM force, like Bikers, Sorcerers aka. Librarians, etc.

Today I'm working on two models, so I've decided to show you some WiP pics:

My Knight Errant, I still have to finish the painting and sculpt the armour.

This guy (well, you can see his legs only) will be the Chapter Master for this rooster. I'll magnetize his right hand, so I'll be able to switch between shield and lighting claw.

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