piątek, 17 lipca 2015

Some new models done

Finally I had some time to paint few of my models, and as tomorrow we're having an Apocalypse Battle, I've decided to paint Be'Lakor. The thing is, it's never a good idea to start with such model after long break, so I took one of the Cultists that will be displayed on my Chaos Knight's base, and painted it to warm myself up.

Then, it came the time to paint the Daemon Prince himself. It took mi quite a few hours, but it's finally done:

As I've mentioned earlier, tomorrow we'll play a quite big battle. 4x2500pts, two armies of Space Wolves will face my Chaos and Bartek's Guard/Tau army.

I chose very simple list, built upon two detachments, Daemons CAD and Crimson Slaugher AD.

In Daemonic part, nothing new, four Heralds of Tzeentch, Kairos Fateweaver, 9 Screamers, 2x11 Horrors, and another unit of Screamers, six this time.

Only funny thing in this detachment is new Chaos Knight, which has some pretty interesting rules.

Second detachment, Crimson Slaughter, is led by Be'Lakor, then there are ten Cultists, Hell Blade and Vindicator with Maelstrom Rider upgrade, gaining him Outflank.

I'm still not sure what will be fielded by Bartek, I only know that he'll bring Baneblade tank. Therefore, I can only think about my army tactic for now. One of the very strong things in this list is that it's able to field a Knight, that has 2+ Invunerable Save, is invisible, has 4-6 attacks wile charging, and re-rolls number of stomps. Sounds very very nice! I'll try to let you know how it went tomorrow, but I might have not enough spare time. Till then!

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