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Deamons strike back!

Hi there!

The night before the Wasteland I came up with an idea of an army slightly different than my usual one. Of course, it will contan some kind of deathstar, but very strange one.

Main unit is built around three Thunderfire Cannons, with whole Librarius Conclave with Tigurius, and one another Librarian with the Eye artifact from new White Scars. Whole unit is placed on Landing Pad, for 4+ inv. That gives me quite a lot summoning (three spells that go off on 2+ with re-rolls), and in shooting phase - 12 small blasts with S:6, rending and ignore cover.

Then there is Knight Warden, working as a bodyguard for my deathstar, protecting it from bike/wolf combat stars.

That's it for semi-loyalist part of the army. Pure Chaos part is based on two allied detachment, Crimson slaugher with Sorcerer, Cultists and Heldrake, and Daemons one, with Blue Scribes and two units of Horrors.

Whole army spams daemons like crazy, and shoots with quite a lot firepower.

That required me to bring some of my daemons back home, and start painting them (finally!).

First came the screamers, which look like this:

Tomorrow I'm going to test this army against new Tau army, we'll see what it can do :)

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