wtorek, 17 listopada 2015

More daemons!

Yesterday I've mentioned that I'll have to paint all my daemons. That's quite a lot of models, ~60, from Horrors to Keeper of Secrets.

Today I started painting one of my favourite units in daemonic army, Great Unclean One. I'm not a huge fan of the GW model, so I used another miniature instead. I do that quite often, and in this case I used baby Cthulhu model from SpellCrow.

Currently it looks like this, model is finished, I just have to finish the base, which I cannot do right now, as the texture paint I've put between the stones needs some time to dry. Tomorrow I'll drybrush the stones, paint the bottom of the water that will be on the base, weather the steel platform, and finally add some water flowing through pipes on the base surface.

Hope you like the model, tomorrow I'm going to paint some other daemons, maybe Keeper of Secrets, maybe some Horrors or Daemonettes, or maybe some more Screamers? Who knows, after all, my chaotic nature may pull me in many directions. Cheers!

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