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Last two days me and two of my friends (Sabatka and Kark) played WH40k on DPW (Warsaw Team Championship). We were 15'th out of 16 teams, which aint the best possible outcome :) But well, could be worse ;)

Next big tournament will be Dice Crusher in Torun. I'm going to use more daemonic army, as daemons are the army that suits me the best. I'll add some Eldars to get some fast scoring units, and that's the army in whole, 1234pts:

Chaos Daemons CAD:
HQ1: Great Unclean One - Warlord (Greater Reward, Lv.1) - 210pts
Troop1: 11 Pink Horrors - 99pts
Troop2: 11 Pink Horrors - 99pts
HS1: Daemon Prince (2x Greater Reward, Wings, Nurgle, Lv.3) - 315pts
HS2: Daemon Prince (2x Greater Reward, Wings, Nurgle, Lv.3) - 315pts

Eldars AD:
HQ1: Farseer Skyrunner - 115pts
Troop1: 3 Windriders (3 Scatter Lasers) - 81pts

I'll have to prepare second Daemon Prince, Farseer and 3 Eldar Bikes.

That's how my Bikes will look like, I think about two colour schemes, cracked bone or NMM black. I'll paint one bike in each scheme, and check out how they look.

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