wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2016

First Infinity Tournament

Last Saturday I went to my first Infinity tournament. I brought two lists, one - offensive (link with Eudoros, link with Oficer), one - defensive (link with Alke, link with Phoenix, link with Oficer). All in all, the later proved to be much more powerfull, but even this list couldn't give me the victory.

Despite that, Phoenix proved to be the man of the match. Therefore, I've decided that he deserves to be painted. I took my brushes, and that's what came out:

He's currently one of the best link-leaders in Phalanx. Three shots from his launcher, and the enemy usually has to deal with -6 or -9 modifier... Quite cool.

Tomorrow I'm going to test my new army idea, this time - regular Aleph. Let's find out what will that bring...

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