środa, 10 grudnia 2014


I think it's a big mistake made by GW, not to put any Werewolves in the Vampire Counts army. Of course, there are Dire Wolves, but those are more of a undead-dogs than actuall werewolves. Proper werewolf should be much bigger, stronger and be able to change his form.

Good for me, I don't have to use exactly the models GW provides for my army. Therefore I chose to make some werewolves, and deploy them using rules for Crypt Horrors.

Only one problem remained, there are no Werewolf models. I'll have to convert something instead. Choice of head was pretty obvious, most wolves would do. As for body, I had no ides, so went to GW store to consult the staff. Olek, who works there, and actually plays Undead Legion himself, explained to me the most obvious solution (which, of course, didn't come to my mind). If I use werewolves as Crypt Horrors, why not use those models?

Here's how the model looks after assembly:

Torso and legs from Vargheist, arms (after removing all spikes, nails and bones) from Crypt Horror, head and tail from Fernrisian Wolf. Of course some sculpting was nececcary to make it work, but it wasn't hard to do.

Now I have to make two more and paint them. 'Till next time!

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