sobota, 6 grudnia 2014

First month's summary

Yesterday was the campaign meet-up ending first, and opening second month of End Times campaign in GW store.

I've brought all the models I've painted during this month, and wooah, that's quite an army! Wight King, 3 Spirit Hosts, 48 Skeleton Warriors, Necromancer, Liche Priest, mounted Vampire and Tomb Princess. All models were aproved, granting me total of 51 points after first month, and placing my army as first in the campaign!

I gave it quite a thought what to paint next. My army lacks shooting, that's for sure, but also lacks mobility and hard hitting, fast units. I couldn't work on all those aspects at once, so decided to add some fast counter-attack and improve my current units.

First choice was the unit of three Tomb Kings Chariots. They are not the most powerfull unit in the game, that's for sure, but most enemies will think carefully before they expose one of their units to 3D6 S4 hits. And if chariots miss their charge? Well, it's just 165 points, not a big deal :). I've already began working on them, as my mail order finally arrived (after ~3 weeks). The most ugly models I've ever seen, will need some serious conversion before I will deploy them.

Second and third choices are 12 Crypt Ghouls and Strigoi Ghoul King. After adding them to the unit I already have (27 ghouls) I'll have the second horde in my army. After puting the Strigoi in that unit, I get not only a seriously hitting unit, but a very in-spirit-of-the-game one. Ghoul King with his retinue, tearing those pesky elves into pieces...

Fourth choice is the unit of three Vargheists. I'm not sure how will I use them, as they are too weak to attack whole units, and to hard-hitting to play artilery-killers. Of course, after they charge the imperial or elven firebase, there's nothing left, but Fell Bats or Carrion do that as well, and are much cheaper. Vargheists proved quite good at hunting down Chaos Chariots, before they have a chance to charge, maybe that will be their purpose, plus hunting for lone wizards, small shooting units etc. We'll see.

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