wtorek, 2 grudnia 2014

Fighting big guys

Last Thursday I've played a friendly game with Paweł, our local GW Store manager. His Ogres tried to stop the killing-spree of the Lost Legion.

Paweł deployed his forces in one long line. From my left to right, Bulls, Ironguts, Mournfangs, Maneaters, Leadbelchers and cannon pulled by Rhinox.

My army was way smaller. Skeleton Warriors with Vampire, Wight King and Tomb Princess, Crypt Ghouls as the bodyguard of my Necromancer, and Spirit Hosts as a screen.

I got first turn, and managed to summon Hexwraiths and Vargheists.

Ogres advanced at top speed.

Hexwraiths charged the Mournfang Cavalry, managing to inflict a single wound and break the unit.

Vargheists, who missed their charge, were attacked by Ironguts with the Butcher. Mournfangs kept running, closing towards the table's edge.

As my Vargheists died, I had little choice but to summon them once more, along with Terrorgheist. Ghosts charged Bulls, hoping to hold the unit as long as necessary. Tamara van Dorst, my Vampire Lord, ordered her unit to march forward.

Hexwraiths charged Maneaters, proving to be quite usefull unit against low-Ld units.

Ironguts charged my main unit, but were swiftly dispatched.

Ghosts broke Bulls and ran them down, Hexwraiths killed Maneaters and overran into Leadbelchers. Terrorgheist flew closer, to ensure that Mournfangs do not return, but they'd ran off the table.

Hexwraiths broke Leadbelchers and ran them off the battlefield, and Terrorgheist flew closer and shouted at the cannon crew, killing them all.

Lost Legion can freely march on in their conquest!

BTW, I'd like to thank Paweł for a very nice game, I hope we'll play again quite soon!

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