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Stop loosing!

Hello there!

Yesterday I led my Lost Legion to war, during 54'th Crusade. It was quite a strange tournament, with only eight or ten players. I've managed to end up 5'th, which ain't that bad, but the problem was the second battle.

Lost Legion's army this time was CSM/Renegades mixture, with Greater Brass Scorpion. Nice army, but against new Eldar 'dex - 100% lame. I'd lost in 4'th or 5'th turn, not sure which, my whole army anihilated.

This battle made me think about different aproach to army building. I need more speed, more psychic power and more units that can bring some pain in close combat.

It's very important, at least during this edition, to focus on various roles your army needs to fill if you want to win. Most tournaments utilize Objective Cards, which vary from "kill something" to "grab objective 6". Cards are drawn randomly, so you cannot forsee which card will you draw next turn. That makes highly mobile army very usefull.

Bearing in mind all kinds of objectives, your army needs to be:

1) Moving fast

2) Big enough to score multiple objectives at once

3) Able to kill big units

4) Able to kill tough units

5) Able to handle flyers

Long story shots: you need to be fast enough to get to the objective, and deadly enough to kill everything your enemy might use to get the objective.

Therefore, my new tournament setting will be way different than my regular army.

I used the most popular tournament rooster format, up to 1850 points, up to 3 detachments, no Imperial Armour.

Chaos Daemons CAD

+ Herald of Tzeentch
     - Exalted Daemonic Reward
     - Disc of Tzeentch
     - Exalted Locus of Conjuration
     - Level 3

+ Herald of Tzeentch
     - Lesser Daemonic Reward
     - Disc of Tzeentch
     - Level 3

+ Herald of Tzeentch
     - Disc of Tzeentch
     - Level 3

+ Herald of Tzeentch
     - Disc of Tzeentch
     - Level 3

+ 11 Horrors of Tzeentch

+ 11 Horrors of Tzeentch

+ 8 Screamers of Tzeentch

Crimson Slaughter AD

+ Be'Lakor

+ 10 Cultists
     - Autopistols

+ Maulerfiend
     - Lasher Tendrils

Imperial Knight Detachment

+ Knight Errant

I'll give this army a try in about a month, for now I need to paint it, I'm done playing unpainted armies.

Till next time!

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