środa, 29 kwietnia 2015

Building Rouge Psyker

During last Crusade I found my army lacking some punch in psychic phase, expecially oponent's psychic phase. I need much more warp charges, therefore - I need more psykers.

My army is based on three main forces: Chaos Space Marines, Renegades & Heretics and Daemons. Of course, the easiest way to increase warp charge count is to add some  daemonic allies, expecially Tzeentch's Daemons. The problem is, on most tournaments I cannot duplicate FoC-s, so I'm limited to 1 Combined Arms Detachment, 1 Allied Detachent, and probably one Formation. I have to chose wisely. If I want to use CAD or AD from Daemons, I need a full Screaemerstar, which usually will cost about half the points available for the army. My latest list is based on Renegades (CAD) and CSM (AD). That leaves me with one HQ choice from Marines (earning me up to 3 charges) and 2 HQ choices from Renegades. I have to use one Command Squad, in wchich Arch Demagogue may be a LV. 2 psyker. Five charges in total, not so good. The trick is - second HQ choice - the Rouge Psykers. Up to five per HQ slot, and up to five per Elite slot, if my Demagogue is a psyker. For now, I've decided to use maximum of five Rouge Psykers, which gives me total of ten warpcharges. Not too bad (not so good also).

The thing is, Rouge Psyker has no model in GW range, and only two models available from Forge World. Truth is - either of them is expecially good-looking. I've decided to scrap-build my own psykers, each one unique in his style.

Idea for the first psyker is a mad old man, who is always grumpy, shouts at everyone, and gets really angry when you and your friends play  music too loud. In that case, he may throw some burning skulls at you and eat your soul with some hot tea.

I've gathered some bits, mostly from WFB Zombies, head is from Epire Wizards (also WFB).

Model after initial assembly looks like that. By drilling a hole in the palm of his hand I gave myself an option to create some kind of spell he's casting.

First idea was some kind of lightning bolt.

Then, I'd guled couple of skulls to both wires.

That's how the model looks after some work with green stuff (filling gaps and adding some warp tentacles to wires). Tomorrow I'll finish the wiring and sculpt the cloak. Day after tomorrow I'll be able to paint this guy. Till then!

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