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Roll Snake Eyes!

Well, it's been 1,5 month since my last post, but I have a great explanation. We'd started a new YT channel about wargaming - ROLL SNAKE EYES.

Wargaming tips, painting and modeling tutorials, news and tournament reports all in one place. Please, subscribe and watch our videos. Feedback is always welcome, of course!

Apart from that, I've been playing quite a lot last month, trying to build a perfect army for 1850pts. Last time I wrote about my initial approach to this list, but now I'm able to tell you a bit more about tactics, and what I've decided to change in the army.

First thing first. Wile playing any kind of Screamerstar [1] you need Kairos Fateweaver. The reason is simple: two important re-rolls, one for the Grimoire of True Names, that may either boost the inv save by 2, or reduce it by one (from 5+ to 3+ or 6+ respectively). Therefore, you have 66,7% chance that the save will be boosted. With re-roll, you have 88,7% chance to get the boost, quite a big difference. Second re-roll is the re-roll for the daemonic chart of doom. If you roll, for example, "all daemons reduce their inv by 1", it may hurt really badly. With re-roll the risk is minimized.

So, in most of my games, army was build around Kairos, 4 Tzeentchian Heralds on Discs, 9 Screamers and two units of Horrors. I've experimented with Soul Grinders, Be'Lakor, Maulerfiend, Knight Errant, but all in all, the army was:
a) very fun to play
b) quite powerfull
c) very vulnerable to going second.
The last thing is really important. Screamerstar needs to go first. If you are second, your precious deathstar has nothing more than 4+ jink save against all your oponent will throw at you.

My latest list (again - 1850pts) is build on two detachments:

Chaos Daemons CAD:

Kairos Fateweaver

3 Daemonic Heralds of Tzeentch (Discs, 3'rd Lv. each, one with Exalted Reward, one with Locus of Conjuration)

3 Nurglings

11 Pink Horrors (with Iridescent Horror)

8 Screamers

Imperial Knights Oathsworn Detachment:

Knight Errant

Knight Warden (Gatling Cannon, Stormspear Rocket Pod)

As you can see, I had to cut my Screamerstar down in order to fit a second Knight. It may be wrong decission, after all, the more power dice the better, but having two Knights is quite a lot of power.

I'll try this army on monday, and hopefully share the results with you. Untill then, please visit our channel ROLL SNAKE EYES, and stay tuned!


[1] Screamerstar - unit build of Screamers and Heralds of Tzeentch on discs, one of Heralds must have Grimoire of True Names, and you need either 4+ Inv from Divination, or Cursed Earth. This way you may get Inv 2+ with re-roll (Tzeentch daemons re-roll save rolls of 1). Easy way to loose your friends :).

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