czwartek, 25 czerwca 2015

Finally, my very own idea for army, and it works!

I must admit, I'm so so so excited. For quite a wile I used to play Screamerstar, which is great build, but there are two problems:

1) It's very vulnerable to loosing "who goes first" roll, expecially against armies with barrage weapons, like Thunderfire Cannon, Wyverns etc.
2) It's not my idea to put four Tzeentch heralds in big unit of Screamers, and I'd like to play something I figured out on my own.

So, I took two dexes, Imperial Knights and new Space Marines, and created this:

1850 Army

Space Marines AD:

HQ1: Chapter Master (Power Firs, Artificer Armour, Bike, Shield Eternal) - 245pts

Troops1: 3 Bikes (Grav Gun) - 78pts

Librarius Conclave:

Librarian (Force Axe, Bike, 2'nd Lv) - 110pts

Librarian (Force Axe, Bike, 2'nd Lv) - 110pts

Librarian (Force Axe, Bike, 2'nd Lv) - 110pts

Household Detachment:

LoW1: Knight Warden (Twin Icarus Autocannon) - 410pts

LoW2: Knight Errant - 370pts

LoW3: Knight Paladin (Stormreaper Rocket Pod) - 415pts

Today I had a chance to test this army for the first time, and I must say, it REALLY WORKS!

So, I have to finish ten models... Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of my Knight Errant (Chaos Knight Errant, of course).

Till then!

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