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Aleph Posthumans in HS N3

It's been some time since the Human Sphere N3 came out. The most significant change in Aleph (IMO at least) is new Posthuman rules.

We got two new profiles, Mk IV, who is heavy infantry providing long range support, and Mk V, who is the enforcer and has an option to be the specialist.

After some testing I came up with my favourite set up, which is:
Mk I (doctor or enginer, depends on the rest of the army)
Mk IV with HRL

Mk V forward observer
With those models whole Posthuman costs merely 40 points, and gives me some serious firepower and two specialists. Nice deal!

Of course, there are no IV and V models yet. To field them, I had to build them myself, using some other model parts.

This is my Mk IV. She's made of several models, that is:

- Riot Girl's body
- Chandra's head

- Avicenna's hair
- Taucer's Feuerbach

I think she'll look quite nice when painted.

That leaves me with Mk V, for which I have no idea at this moment. Probably Chandra's body and head, with some arm swap involved (maybe Uxia's arms with assault pistols?). We'll see :)

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