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Warmachine comes back!


It's been a long time since I've last had an opportunity to play Warmachine. I started my Khador army about 10 years ago, during the first edidion of the game. The Hordes were not even present at that time.

I've decided to come back to this game just in time to pre-order some 3'rd edition stuff. Starter box, cards etc. I've also bought the 2'nd edition starter from my friend, and ordered some additional models.

Back in the days of MK I I used to have Vladimir as my caster, but now I found that Old Witch is the best caster for me. She gives the slow khadric units a bit more speed and tactical advantage.

Therefore, I've built my innitial 75 points list, and decided to paint all the models on it as soon as possible.

System: Warmachine
Faction: Khador
Caster: 1 / 1
Points: 75 / 75
Old Witch1 (Old Witch of Khador) -18
* Scrapjack 0
* Devastator 14
* Kodiak 13
* Juggernaut 12
Doom Reaver Swordsmen 13
Greylord Ternion 7
Iron Fang Pikemen (Leader and 5) 9
Widowmaker Scouts 8
Manhunter 4
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios 7
Widowmaker Marksman 4
Gobber Tinker 2

At this moment I have three Warjacks painted, but one of them, the Decimator, didn't make it to the list after several tests. As much as I like the saw he uses to cut his enemies into pieces, the gun ain't that good due to very low RAT of 4.

The painted jacks I'll be using are Juggernaut:

And Devastator

Of course, no Warmachine army can work without it's caster. Mine, the Old Witch of Khador, came up like this:

Her Scrapjack is currently being painted, 1-2 more days and it will be ready. Widowmakers (both unit and solo), Manhunter, Doomreavers, Iron Fangs and Eiryss are currently primed and wait to be painted. Kodiak and Tention will be (hopefully) shipped to me tomorrow, so I'll have everything I need. Everything? Maybe not... I still lack free time to paint those models. After all, I'm a busy guy, collecting minis for many systems :)

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