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X-Wing Regional Championship in Wolomin, metagame and some other shit


In December 2016 I bought the 2'nd Core Set for X-Wing miniature game. You know, just a core set, and Tie Advanced, cause Vader is Vader, you know... And next day, a Defender, Bomber and Punisher... All in all, in about 2 weeks I had most of Imperial Forces, including Raider. I began to play, and found out that the community here in Warsaw is quite huge. Every tuesday there are a lot of people in our local pub where we can play (they provide us with tables, beer etc), there are quite a few tourneys...

Anyway, after some games and three (I think) tournaments, I've decided to go to Regional Championship in Wołomin. My list was:

Darth Vader (Swarm Leader, Tie v1, Advanced Targeting Computer, Engine Upgrade)
Omega Leader (Juke, Comm Relay)
Epsilon Leader
Howlrunner (Adaptability)

The idea was to use Vader's Swarm Leader and ATC to deliver 4-5 dice + one critical to enemies, and kill them pretty fast, thanks to Howlrunner's re-roll. Omega Leader can easily finish them off with his ability. Well... That was the idea. The problem was - Vader dies very fast, even though he has 3 dice on defence, he's dead in 1'st or 2'nd salvo. And that was preety much the game, I shot, lost Vader, lost other ships.

The only game I've managed to win was the first one, against double K-Wings with Biggs. Then I had to face Chinereau + Ryad (total loss), Imperial Aces (Inquisitor, Soontir Fell and Quickdraw), Rey + Chopper (even faster loss), Chinereau with Inquisitor (Darth Vader as a crew-member proved much better than the one in his Tie Advanced) and 2 Defenders with Palpatine (you can guess the outcome).

The problem is, that most of the TOP players had either Parattani mindlink list with Ventress, Manaroo and Fenn Rau, various "Miranda + sth" lists, or 3 Defenders/2 Defenders + Palpatine. At least that was my observation. I was hoping to get some results using a different kind of list, but I was wrong...

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