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New X-wing rooster

After some unfortunate games with my previous squadron, I've decided to use some other ships. Current meta seems to be various Manaroo-based scums and Miranda-based rebels, but I chose a different path.

Since I began playing X-wing I loved aces. Best pilots, with loads of tricks up in their sleeves, sounds fun for me. Two or three tournaments I played using Vessary, Inquisitor and Carnor Jax. Nice squadron, it even got me the 3'rd place on last tournament, but there's one problem: Aces need their actions, therefore they are vulnerable to stress. One game against bomber with Tactician and Rebel Captive taught me that.

My next idea was Soontir Fel + Inquisitor + Tomax with Shuttle, Vader, Light Frame and Crackshot. Nice squadron, but Tomax died too fast to pay off. But Vader proved quite usefull against Miranda, Fenn Rau and other annoying ships. So, I came up with...

Inquisitor (Push The Limit, Proton Rockets, TIE/v1, Autothrusters)
Soontir Fel (Push The Limit, Royal Guard TIE, Autothrusters, Stealth Device)
Captain Yorr (Collision Detector, Tractor Beam, Darth Vader, Anti-Pursuit Lasers)

First two aces don't need to be introduced, both prove to be very fast, agile, have powerfull attacks and are capable of defending against loads of firepower, provided the nececcary tokens.

Lambda, however, seems a bit strange. I chose Vader over Palpatine, cause that one critical hit may be the difference between victory and defeat. Yorr's ability allows my aces to fly through debris clouds, fly near Assaj Ventress, and still get no stress. Lambdas massive hull proves to be very effective blocker, so APL-s are an obvious choice. Tractor Beam is only half-way usefull in this squadron, cause Yorr shoots after all my other ships, but putting Miranda or Fenn on the rock, making them fly over the rock next turn seems fun enough.

Tomorrow there's another local tournament, so I'll be able to see this squadron in action.


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