sobota, 18 marca 2017

X-Wing season end

After Team Championship there was one Regional Championship in Poznań (from which I dropped after 4'th round). Now, the season came to an end. We'll have some store championships, and national championship, but there'll be no more Regionals this year.

On Team Championship we took 6'th place, all of us made 2:2 result. All in all, my first few months of playing X-Wing weren't really successfull. I've decided to pick the most difficult squadron I can imagine, and use it till next season for practice. So, I came up with:

Soontir Fel (Royal Guard, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, Push the Limit)
Deathfire (Conner Net, Ion Pulse Missles, Extra Ammunitions, Guidance Chips)
Whisper (Veteran Instinct, Advanced Cloaking Device, Fire Control System)

I think that this squadron will teach me (over next half a year) how to fly carefully, plan several turns ahead, take care of my models, which are fragile, place bombs, use ion tokens to take control over enemy ships, etc.

In the meantime, I'd decided to try and repaint some of my ships. First was the Sabine's Tie (which I made from regular TIE, exactly like Sabine did), then, I've decided to paint Whisper:

What do you think?

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