piątek, 21 kwietnia 2017

Miranda Doni

For about a month I play X-Wing with rebel scum instead of proper, imperial forces. The squadron is not my idea, it was used by several players before, in various configurations:

+ Dash Rendar
   - Lone Wolf
   - Outrider
   - Heavy Laser Cannon
   - Smuggling Compartment
   - Burnout Slam
   - Rey

+ Miranda Doni
   - Twin Laser Turret
   - Extra Munitions
   - Conner Net
   - Ion Bombs
   - Sabine Wren
   - Advanced Slam

Sadly, this setup is being used by more and more players here in Warsaw. On the last tournament there were 11 players, 4 of them playing Dash + Miranda. I had to make my squadron at least look a bit different...

That's my Miranda in rat style. She was bored during patrol, watched Mad Max, and decided to change her style... Next on the workstation will be Dash, who currently still looks like every YT-2400 out there...

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