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Rotten guys

Finally my Lost Legion found adversary even more rotten than themselves. Nurgle legion under command of Kacper, who's Ogres I've fought before. He decided to turn towards Chaos, and granted himself favour of father Nurgle. Don't worry, Kacper himself ain't green yet!

It's the first time my army was joined by Tomb Kings unit, Tomb Queen Shalia, who proved herself very usefull by boosting my skeleton's WS, which allowed them to hit at 4+ instead of 5+ (Nurgle warriors penalise their oponents with -1 to hit).

My forces, no surprise here, ocuppied one of the hills in the corner. Gooosh, I love this tactic. Untill I try it against Bogumil and his Chaos army, at least.

Followers of Nurgle deployed a bit wider (it seems almost impossible to deploy narrower than my forces did!). Big unit of Warriors with Sorcerer in front of my units, small unit of Warriors in the center, and on my right flank - unit of Blightkings with Gutrot Spume as army's general.

I got first turn, all three units held their ground, magic did nothing... Yep, this battle wasn't my Necromancer's good day. Whole line of Chaos forces marched forward.

Second turn, of course - no magic, it seems that only thing Necromancer was good at was dispeling. Warriors and Blightkings advanced steadily.

Next turn - no magic, again... A bit teasing, might I say. No movement, chaos moved a bit closer, and here we go. Skeletons charged big unit of Warriors, Crypt Ghouls - the smaller unit, and finally I've managed to summon something. Three Vargheists flew to the battlefield to aid my forces.

Small unit of Warriors destroyed my Ghouls, but Skeleton Warriors, boosted by Tomb Queen's "My will be done", fighting shoulder to shoulder with Wight King and, last but not least, Tamara van Dorst (Vampire Lord), managed to break the Chaos Warriors, but were unable to catch them, and had to stop 1" before my Vargheists. Next turn I've got charged by Blightkings...

Actually, they are not as scarry as they look... They've managed to kill few skeletons, but well, who doesn't? After they got charged by Vargheists, and rallied Warriors joined the fight, it looked like whole battle took place in one tiny spot.

For the first time my Wight King died, leaving me without +2 bonus to combat resolution (BSB with War Banner). I've lost one skeleton due to combat resolution, and decided to reinforce the fight with my Necromancer's bunker of Crypt Ghouls.

They've seen just a bit of fight, cause they got separated from the enemy by few blows of Tamara's sword. She killed two Blightkings!

That was enough to break the unit, and Vargheists were fast enough to catch the fleeing foes. Soon after that, Skeleton Warriors broke the other unit, and ran them down.

Even the forces of Nurgle proved too weak to stop the Legion! Battle very much in spirit of End Times, undead forces fight against Gutrot's retinue.

I think it's just a right moment to play with Bogumil, it's been quite long since someone were able to defeat my moving corpses :). Oh, and yesterday I've played against Pawel, our local GW store manager. I'll write something about that battle soon!

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