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New additions to the Legion

The End Times campaign recuires every player to pick one or more units every month, and prepare those models before the next month of campaign. I chose to expand my army pretty fast, therefore agreed to assemble and paint three units: 3 Spirit Hosts, Wight King and 48 Skeleton Warriors.

At this moment, I've finished two of those units. First were Spirit Hosts, I've painted them on the night before first two and third game.

Painting was quite simple, I used the technique I use on most of my units. Black spray on whole model, then dusting with white spray. Over that background I paint Nihillak Oxide, and drybrush with Ceramite White. Then I paint the eyes (or eye-sockets) with Cohelia Greenshade. In case of ghosts, I also had to paint skeletons on the base. Brown ink or Nuln Oil (to get some variety between models), then drybrush with Bleached Bone or Pallid Witch Flesh. Bases are all simmilar through whole army, Astrogranite drybrushed with Pallid Witch Flesh, and some static grass glued later.

Second model, the Wight King, required more work, as I wanted this one to be converted, and my idea was to sculpt some elements with green stuff.

Torso and head are from Hexwraith model, with basket of burning coals removed, and hood re-sculpted with green stuff. Over Skeleton Warrior's legs I've sculpted the rest of the cloak. I admit, I could have done it way better :). Arms are from Black Knight, I took standard as it is (although I think about creating something more epic!), and empty arm (the one originally designed to carry a shield) were also supposed to be empty.

I didn't like it, but used the model neverheless in one battle. He proved to be very effective in killing Ogres, so I've decided to use one of spare Ogre heads, and, after sculpting the cut-off neck, inserted it into Wight King head. Therefore, from King Lucas the Grim, he became King Lucas the Ogre-slayer.

So, two units ready, and third done in 50%. It may not sound like much, but painting 28 Skeleton Warriors is not that easy!

Back to my workdesk then... Stay tuned!

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