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Loktar, champion of the Spartans, and new rooster...

Officially, first 100% finished model in my CSM army. It's Loktar, champion of the unit I called the Spartans. The name came from their usual job during the battle, to hold the objective. I imagine them repeling wave after wave of enemies, hiding behind the shields ;) Anyway, Spartans are five Chaos Space Marines, including Loktar, the Aspiring Champion, and one marine armed with flamer. Whole squad travels in Rhino APC "Penteconter"

Loktar's model is assmebled from parts of varioust sets, ie. CSM Marines (legs, torso, backpack, left arm and left armlet), Chaos WFB Warriors (shield) and classic metal Grey Knights (right arm with armlet and glayve).

I've decided to base whole army with cityfight bases, so I've put some concrete and debris on the base.

Tomorrow I'll try to fine-tune my new rooster, with heavy assault supported with mobile units providing close-range fire. Nothing expecially fancy, but might work fine.

CSM 1500pts Combined Arms Detachment

HQ 1: Chaos Lord (Warlord)
- Axe of Blind Fury
- Burning Brand of Skalanthrax
- Mark of Khorne
- Melta Bombs
- Power Armour
- Sigil of Corruption

HQ 2: Daemon Prince
- 3'rd Mastery Level Psyker
- Mark of Nurgle
- Power Armour
- Spell Familiar
- Black Mace
- Wings

Elite 1: 10 Chosen
- Champion with Powersword & Meltabomb
- 5 Meltaguns
- Mark of Nurgle
- Rhino with Dirgecaster

Troops 1: 10 Cultists
- Autoguns
- 1 Flamer
- Champion with Pistol & CCW

Troops 2: 9 Berzerkers
- CCW + Pistols
- Champion with Lightinig Claw and Power Fist
- Icon of Wrath

Fast Attack 1: 5 Raptors
- Champion with Power Sword & Meltabomb
- 2 Flamers

Heavy Support 1: Land Raider

Please, let me know what you think!

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