niedziela, 22 lutego 2015

Chaos Pirates are going to war!

First battle of my Pirates will happen in less than 24 hours. We'll have to finish the game in 2 hours sharp, so we agreed on 750pts game (initially it were 1000pts).

My army will be very small one. As a HQ choice I'll use Daemon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Power Armour, Black Mace, Wings and 3 Mastery Levels. Almost half of my poits spent into this one guy, but I think he might be quite usefull. Besides, that's the HQ I'm willing to take to the tournament in just few days, so I need to battletest him.

Troops, troops... The great disaster in CSM codex. I'll try both possible options, Marines and Cultists. Therefore, my troop choices will be: 4 Marines with Flamer plus Aspiring Champion with Power Sword, Bolt Pistol and Melta Bombs, whole squad riding Rhino with Dirge Caster, and squad of 10 cultists with pistols and a flamer.

There'll be no Elites nor Fast Attack choices, I can't afford any of those in such a tiny points limit.

However, when it came to Heavy Support, I took two units. Vindicator with Daemonic Posession and one Obliterator with Mark of Nurgle.

That's it, 750 points, I hope my guys will spill some blood and crack some armour gaining me victory :).

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