sobota, 28 lutego 2015

Wolftime tournament report


Today, as you may have red in my previous entries, I took my Chaos Pirates to the Wolftime tournament. Pretty simple army that I chose looked like this:

- 3'rd Mastery Level
- Force Axe
- Spell Familiar (which I never remembered about, shame on me)
- Burning Brand of Skalanax
- Terminator Armour

Daemon Prince
- 3'rd Mastery Level
- Mark of Nurgle
- Black Mace
- Power Armour
- Wings

4 Terminators
- Pair of Lightning Claws
- Powerfist with Combi-Melta
- Chainfist with Combi-Melta
- Lightning Claw and Combi-Flamer
- Mark of Slaanesh and Feel no Pain icon

- Mark of Nurgle

10 Cultists
- Autoguns
- Flamer
- Champion with Pistol and CCW

5 Marines
- Flamer
- Champion with Power Sword and CCW
- Rhino with Dirge Caster

3 Obliterators
- Mark of Nurgle

- Daemonic Posession
- Dirge Caster

Land Raider
- Dirge Caster

My idea was to ballance the shooting and close combat units. Didn't work so well, but I've learned much (the hard way!).

First battle, against Predator's Space Marines, was actually a challenge we agreed upon few days before the Wolftime. As far as I remember, he fielded Chapter Master on Bike, Tygirius, 2 units of Bikers, 4 Centurions!, Techmarine with his cannon, 10 Marines in Drop-Pod and Stormtalon. Quite challenging battle, till turn 3 we went head to head, then my Land Raider managed to take down the Stormtalon (both Lascannons and 3 Heavy Bolter Shots, 5 in total, all 6-es!), Daemon Prince ate the Centurions, and CSM killed bikers with Tygirius. All in all, 16:4 in big points for me.

Next battle was against Typuś and his Wolves. I've made two mistakes, charged with Daemon Prince and with Terminators, both units anihilated, the battle went till turn 2, when I surrendered. Still, the game I'd learned most from.

Last battle was against second CSM player in this tournament, not an usual sight, two CSM armies on the tournament ;). We'd played for 6 turns, when my army was finally wiped out. Quite a few mistakes, loads of bad luck when it came to dice, but all in all, I'm happy with all the battles.

After points were ad up, I scored 9-th place out of 12, if I remember correctly. After 11 years brake from the hobby, I think it's ok ;) Now, back to painting and converting my guys, hopefully there'll be another tournament pretty soon.

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