piątek, 20 lutego 2015

Chaos Pirates

After quite a few battles in Warhammer Fantasy realm I must admit I got a bit bored by killing everything on my way using Vampiric Deathstar :).

Therefore I've decided to resurrect my Chaos Space Marines force. I haven't played WH40k since Grand Tournament 2004, eleven years ago. So, after purchasing the codex, and looking at our local forum, I chose the tournament that takes place on 28'th February. About a week to build and paint a 1600pts force.

My idea is to build a force of pirates, guys who don't exactly care about Chaos Gods that much. Instead, they care about getting rich, preying on various ships and settlements that are unlucky enough to get picked by one of my captains, or admiral himself.

First models I began to build are:

Sorcerer Rakan

He's one of two brothers, who are magical apprenticies of more powerfull magicans in the force. Armed with Lighting Claw, he usually supports a squad of Space Marines or Plague Marines.

Fangor, leader of Fangor's Dogs

He leads the unit of Space Marines into combat. Armed with classic Power Fist + Bolt Pistol combo.

Classic Chaos Spawn

I found him among my old models, washed the paint away and sprayed him once again, to get painted in nurglish oily-green colours.

Chaos Raptor

First model of Ishtan's Scorchers, small unit of pyromaniac Raptors. I've purchased the box yesterday, and must admit, it's one of the best sets GW has released last few years. My plan is to use at least two units, maybe even more.

Apart from those almost-finished models, I began building my favourite Heavy Support unit, the Obliterators. As much as I like the unit, I hate the models that GW offer. I have two ideas, first, the Iron Warriors style, second, Ogre-like, nurglish design. Both (in very early WiP) are shown here:

I haven't decided which one I like more yet. Some ideas? :)

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