poniedziałek, 26 października 2015

Preparing models for Alpha Strike


Today I had more free time than usual, therefore were able to spend some time preparing my models. First was one of Mooncrushers, ie. 7 Devastators with Grav-Cannons.

Then I've started painting my Chaplain, who'll ride along with my Smashfuckers.

Haven't came up with a name for him yet, hopefully I will in next few days.

Next model I started converting was my very own Draigo (who of course will bear a different name).

One of those pesky models for AoS, I had to switch his hand to bear a sword, remove Sigmar's emblems, and sculpt some fur on the cloth. Still some work to do, I think about a furry cloak, but - we will see.

Last models I worked on were two Servo Skulls for my Inquisitor.

I want them as two flaming skulls, sth. like Ghost Rider :).

Maybe tomorrow I'll finish something up.

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