wtorek, 20 października 2015

Mooncrushers squad - first models

Yesterday I finally got my hands on one Grav-Cannon. Therefore I was able to start building one of two units of Devastators. I need two units cause one of my new toys while playing 40k is Skyhammer Annihilation Force, formation that requires me to take two units of Assault Marines and two units of Devastators in Drop Pods.

I bought a box of Chaos Warriors from WFB range, and began the conversion work. For now I have two models done, both waiting till green-stuff dries.

Capes and upper armors are from Chaos Warriors, legs and heads from Chaos Space Marines, Grav-Cannon from Devastators, and bolter with hands from CSM sprue. Some green stuff allowed me to fit the power armoured arms into Warrior's body.

Tomorrow I'll start painting them!

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