wtorek, 27 października 2015

How the Outlaws ride to battle?

Today I finally bought myself an airbrush. Of course I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing, but started to regardless.

First thing was very easy - basecoating my minis. That speeds everything up a lot. As my whole army needs their armours painted gunmetal before I start applying any other colours, it took me quite a while to put that paint with brush. With airbrush, it's a matter of minutes to basecoat whole squad.

Thanks to that, I were able to finally paint the transport for my Outlaws squad. Land Speeder Storm that I bought few months ago was flying (floating?) to battle "painted black" for so long... Today he finally got some colours.

Sorry for the yellow tape, the model is far from being finished.

And that's how it looks with it's owners, unfinished as well, shame on me.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully finish both the squad and the speeder. Till then, see you!

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