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Let them melt!

After playing few 40k battles using 7ed. rules (I broke from the hobby during 4-th ed.), I must say: you'll never have too many Meltaguns. Bearing that in mind, I've decided to field a squad of Chosen with five Meltaguns.

Five S:8 AP:1 shots is something that can mess my oponent's plans pretty nicely. One less tank, Centurions brought down from 4 to 2 squad members, Land Raider crack opened before she could unload her deadly cargo... Options are limitless.

Of course, unit with so many special weapons is not a cheap thing. 8 Chosen, 5 with Meltaguns, and Champion with Power Weapon (I don't want to spend too much points on his wargear, on the other hand - AP:3 weapon is quite usefull against Power Armoured units), riding to battle onboard Rhino APC, that's quite a lot of points. I'll have to use them with extreme caution, if they're about to do their job.

Tomorrow I'm going to play a small battle against Tyranids. 1200 pts doesn't allow me to field whole squad, so I've decidet to use 6-men squad with 2 Meltaguns, 1 Flamer, and Champion with Power Weapon. Of course, unit will have their Rhino for some extra protection and movability.

All in all, I've picked one CSM box from GW store, and started to work on the new unit. Currently, I have four models assembled and based.

On the far right and far left are basic Chosen armed with Bolters, CCW and Bolt Pistols. Middle left is first of many armed with Meltagun, and middle right is the unit's Champion, from Dark Vengance set.

I still have 4 more to assemble, but for tomorrow, just two more. I think I'll make it, but once more I'll have to play with mostly unpainted army. What a shame...

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