niedziela, 8 marca 2015

Blood for the Blood God! (part II)

Few days ago I wrote about my new combat unit, Berzerkers with Khorne Lord, riding in Land Raider. Yesterday I finally had a chance to battletest the unit against Adam's Tyranids.

I cannot say I'm dissapointed, the unit won every single combat in the round they charged, wiping enemy out. Still, I don't think I'll field my 'zerkies that often.

There are four reasons:

1. In all 4 combats they were during the game, the unit couldn't do a think, cause the enemy was slaughtered by Khorne's Lord with Axe of Blind Fury. He simply struck with so many attacks (rage + daemon weapon), that Berzerkers just ran with him as a shield from incoming shots. Cultists would do the same job, with less armour compensated by much, much more bodies.

2. Lord must move even faster, than using the assault vehicle. I think that either Bike or Juggernaut will do in this case. This will, of course, require putting some retinue together, Bikers or Spawns.

3. Land Raider is't as good as it may seem. Huge, slow, and very, very expensive. I'd rather use another unit of Obliterators with MoN for 7 points less.

The problem is, I'll never make enough models (Mounted Lord + his retinue) till Saturday, when next tournament takes place. It means, I won't field this kind of hard-hitting CC unit at all :). I can't tell you what will I field right now, cause I'm still working on my army list.

In the meantime, I'm trying to finish my Daemon Prince and Obliterators. Quite a lot of painting awaits me!

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