wtorek, 17 marca 2015

Let them Melt once more, and next Crusade approaching

My Chosen I wrote about before are almost finished. Five (yes, five!) Chosen armed with Meltaguns, two regular ones, and Chosen Champion with Power Axe and Bolt Pistol.

Whole unit rides to battle aboard Rhino APC, which allows them to fire at the enemy during my first turn. I have to paint them pretty fast, cause 51'st Crusade is behind the corner.

This time I'll try to score a bit higher than 15'th place :). My army will look like this:

     - 3'rd Mastery Level
     - Force Weapon
     - Bolt Pistol
     - Sigil of Corruption
     - Spell Familiar

10 Cultists
     - Champion with Pistol & CCW
     - 8 Autoguns
     - 1 Flamer

8 Chosen
     - Champion with Power Axe & Bolt Pistol
     - 5 Meltaguns
     - 2 Bolters
     - Rhino with Dozer Blade

Hell Blade
     - 2 Helstorm Autocannons

3 Rapiers
     - 3 Hades Autocannons

3 Obliterators
     - Mark of Nurgle

Herald of Tzeentch
     - Locus of Conjuration
     - 3'rd Mastery Level

11 Pink Horrors

Much different than my previous army list, this time I want my army to be much more mobile and shooty. Rapiers and Obliterators form very nice firebase, capable of holding two objectives in my deployment zone, Sorcerer riding with Chosen and hopefully making them invisible will be the centerpiece of the army, Hell Blade may hunt those pesky flyers or shoot some light tanks and infantry, Horrors with Herald will produce some Warpcharges each turn, and (hopefully) shoot something in the psychic phase. Cultists, as usuall, will stay in reserves and appear during the game to grab an objective close to the table's edge.

Will that work? I'll find out in just a few days.

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