niedziela, 15 marca 2015

New models to the army

Today I had an unusually big amount of free time, and I'd spent it on building new models for my army. Here they are:

First model of the second Chosen squad, this one will be armed with five flamers! Marine lacks one shoulder pad, cause I'm going to use one made by Kromlech.

Second is the Champion of my new Biker squad, for now - three models with two Meltaguns. Cheap, fast unit for tank-hunting missions.

This one is the fifth member of the Chosen squad I wrote about before. Just three meltagun-armed marines to go :)

Havocs. Yeah, IMO the best HS choice in CSM Codex, excluding Obliterators, of course. Wile working on my new army list, I realised I have no good units to stay in my deployment zone, hold the objective placed there, and, in the meantime, do something usefull without moving. Here they are, Havocs with Autocannons. Eight S7 AP4 shots, that's something that may even ground lighter flyers. I like it :). The problem is, the only option to get Autocannon Havoc is to buy the box in which are five models, and only one Autocannon. Not the best deal. Therefore, I've decided to use Heavy Bolters with barrels cut off, and Autocannon barrels glued on. Quite simple and fast, but looks ok to me.

Another Helbrute. I have one (almost finished), and need three to be able to field Mayhem Pack formation. Three Helbrutes ariving via deep strike may work quite well, maybe not as good as their loyalist brothers, but still not bad for the CSM.

Last (but not least), Disc of Tzeentch for the Herald. Unit of 4-8 Screamers with Psyker who casts withfires like crazy works quite nice, and will get me another scoring unit which can move fast enough to get to the objective fast enough to claim it in one turn. That's very important in tournament games, where usually Objective Cards are used.

That's it for today, tomorrow I'll try to paint something, cause for now I own only two fully painted models for this army.

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