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First Battles

As I've mentioned yesterday, I've played two battles on the first day of campaign, against Skaven and High Elves armies. Today I've played third, against Ogre Kingdoms. Here's a quick overwiew of those.

First battle was against Bartek's Skaven army, 4 units of infantry (Stormvermin, Clanrats, 2x Slaves), heroes, The-Infamous-Most-Hated-Big-Thing (Hell Pit Abomination), and two units of killers with poisonous slings.

Most of my army was in one place, looking like that:

Good thing, once this unit gets into combat, it crushes almost everything (thanks to Tamara van Dorst, my Vampire Lord). Bad thing, about 1000pts of my army stands in one place, and has 4M, which makes them easy to avoid.

Whole Skaven army did just that. My main unit had no chance to draw any blood but some hits with magic. Shame :(.

I deployed my whole army wide, which was terrible mistake.

Almost nothing could march, thanks to veeery long distance to the general.

Bartek's army looked more or less like that:

Abomination was on my left flank, and there was one more unit of runners on my right.

I've pushed my advance slowly, but fast enough to let my Terrorgheist shout at the Abomination, and almost kill it (leaving it on single wound).

Then, Abomination charged my Wolves, killed them, and after that - killed Terrorgheist. Too bad :(.

Then it was all even worse. I've managed to dispell most of the magic till that moment, but then, one sneaky Enginner smashed most of my Hexwraiths down.

All in all, I was left with only one unit, but thanks to it's total value of 1000pts, it was something like minor victory for Bartek.

My man of the match, of course:

I must say I'm really dissapointed with Hexwraiths performance, probably my fault, if they were able to march in their first turn, things could look much better.

Sadly, I have no pictures from the second battle of that day. It was a draw against High Elves army.

Today I've played against Ogre Kingdoms. 2 big units, Ironguts with 3 heroes and Mournfang Cavalry, two Sabertusks and Ironblaster.

My army changed a bit, I've added 5+ ward save for Master Necromancer, removed Hexwraiths, and added Spirit Hosts.

In the middle of the table was big tower, that devided the battlefield in half. Ironguts and one Sabertusk went on my right flank, Mournfangs on the other.

As you can see above, Mournfangs are closing towards their doom - my Spirit Hosts. That unit held Mournfangs in combat till the last turn.

Terrorgheist and one unit of Wolves rushed towards the Ironblaster, but the machine prooved itself very resiliant to my attacks. After it killed Wolves and Terrorgheist, it had one wound remaining, but was still breathing, I never suspected that!

On the right flank, Ironguts supported by all three heroes charged my Ghouls, killing all creatures in the first round (last five by Unstability). I thought it was over, expecially after my Banshee died next turn, but then my dear Tamara started the slow but effective process of decapitating ogres, one by one they died, hopelessly trying to hit her.

Above you can see final phase of that duel. Soon after that Vampire Lord cut Ogre's head off, and charged the Mournfangs, held by Spirith Hosts. She killed one, breaking the unit, but either Lord nor Ghosts were able to catch running cavalry (I had to roll 7, rolled 6 for both).

Finally, my Master Necromancer managed to strike the final wound on the cannon.

Solid victory!

Man of the match, when I count kills, is, of course, Tamara van Dorst, the Vampire Lord. From the tactical point of view, the title might go to the Spirit Hosts as well. They held very powerfull unit through the whole game. Without that, my main unit, even with the Vampire, would be in big trouble.

So, first three battles of the campaign, I scored defeat, draw and victory.

As for my painting, I've declared that I'll paint 3 Spirit Hosts (which I did, on the night before today's battle), 47 Skeleton Warriors and the Wight King with battle standard. That will allow me to start playing on 2000pts, if any other player paint enough models :).

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