wtorek, 25 listopada 2014

Black, and white...

It's been few days since I wrote something. That's the dark side of working in film industry, sometimes you have plenty of time, sometimes you work 24/7 and regret that you can work only 24 hours a day.

Last friday I've played against two armies, first - Dark Elves, and then - High Elves (I guess my army is gearing up for the coming of Khaine).

Dark Elves army was very fast, based mostly on Dark Riders, heroes on Pegasi and Doomfie Warlocks. I've deployed quite wide, but not as wide as the Elves. My forces moved just a bit, wolves and ghosts circled a bit to direct incoming charges away from my infantry.

Followers of Khaine were quite close to my lines, thanks to their vanguard move, but in their first turn, light cavalry moved back (I don't know why). I've lost Dire Wolves due Dark Rider's shooting, but managed to summon 5 Hexwraiths in return.

Doomfire Warlocks advanced, alongside Dark Riders, just to get flew-over by Hexwraiths and shouted by Terrorgheist, who got charged by the remaining unit.

Beastie died soon after that, sadly :( Two of pegasi heroes flew on my left flank.

Did I mention my Terrorgheist died? Well, not for long, I summoned the beast right back, just in place to shout to death one of pegasi. The second one charged my ghouls with Arnold Lowefell (Master Necromancer).

Second pegasi died soon after that, and Terrorgheist got charged by 2 units and one hero (one of units went down from 5 to 2 strong due to dangerous terrain - I thought I'm the only one capable of rolling three "1" on five dice).

My main unit charged Dark Riders in the middle, killing them all.

And that would be it for the game. I won by around 300 points, if I remember correctly.

The seccond battle was fought against High Elves, the same army I've played before, with addition of the lord mounted on the Gryphon.

I've decided to deploy my whole army in one corner of the table.

Elves deployed wider, with three bolt throwers facing my force, and infantry with gryphon lord in the middle.

I've decided not to use the vanguard move of my wolves, but elven fast cavalry moved forward at top speed.

I got first turn, and charged the incoming cavalry with wolves, ghosts and Terrorgheist.

Riders fled, but Dire Wolves managed to cath them, and run straight into unit of spearmen. Terrorgheist and Spirit Hosts moved forward a bit, but were unable to reach any enemy units.

Terrorgheist used Death Shriek on the same unit of spearmen, and wolves killed few more. Spearmen killed four in return. Lord and Swordmasters began to advance through the center of battlefield.

That was all my Terrorgheist needed. He turned around, flew a few inches, and shouted at the high elf on the winged beast, killing him instantly. Second time I've killed enemy lord without breaking a sweat just because they had no ward save. You may have no armour, but ward save is a must-have!

Wolves perished, and ghosts took their place.

Terrorgheist got charged by Swordmasters and lone Gryphon, but managed to inflict enough wounds to break both units, catch the beast, and kill Swordmasters next turn.

I've summoned three Vargheists, and used them to silence those Bolt Throwers once and for all.

After my Spirit Hosts finally killed spearmen, they've charged on Seaguard. My main unit of Skeleton Warriors did the same, and Terrorgheist jumped right behind them, to kill few in shooting phase.

Most of the unit died, the rest fled, but got caught. Vargheists killed all bolt thrower's crew, and the battle was over in turn 4.

Today I've destroyed another Dark Elf army (report soon), and tomorrow I play against army of Nurgle, hopefully I'll be able to continue the victorious passage of my army. Stay tuned!

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