czwartek, 27 listopada 2014

...and more Black

As I've mentioned before, after two battles against elves came third, this time - classic Dark Elves.

Deploying in one corner of the table proved usefull, so I've done it again. Large unit of Skeleton Warriors, with Vampire Lord and Wight King BSB on the left side of the hill, Crypt Ghouls with Master Necromancer on the right side, Terrorgheist a bit closer to the enemy, and Spirit Hosts and Dire Wolves as a screen for my right flank, backed up by mounted Vampire.

Elves deployed much wider, shooting and magic base in front of the hill (crossbowmen, two Sorceresses, one lv.2, one lv.4 and Bolt Thrower), Corsairs and Executioners in the middle, along with Cold One Chariot, and Cauldron of Blood backed up by Cold One Knights on the left flank of the elven army.

I began, and moved my forces just a touch. In magic phase my Necromancer summoned unit of Hexwraiths. Elves began to move forward, crossbowmen moved a bit closer, chariot and corsairs advanced at top speed, Cauldron of Blood manouvered closer to the middle, and Cold One Knights marched forward, cyrcling around the wood.

Dark Elf magic and shooting managed to kill four of five Hexwraiths, one wolf and two skeletons.

Wolves and mounted Vampire charged the chariot, but only Dire Wolves managed to hit their target. Terrorgheist flew in front of the elven shooting base, and shouted at bolt thrower's crew, killing only one elf. Wolves got skinned by Cold One Chariot, two died, and third perished due to combat resolution.

Elves advanced forward, passing my Vampire. I think psychological effect of having such killer sometimes is worth more than he can physically inflict.

Of course next turn Vampire charged the chariot, but could not deliver the final wound. In return, he got charged by Cauldron, and killed the Wytch mistress in combat.

Later he managed to finish the chariot off, and Terrorgheist flew closer to shout at Cauldron, destroying whole machine.

I must admit, we had to hurry a bit with next turns, so no pict from now on. Ghosts and skeletons killed remaining crossbowmen and Witches, Ghouls destroyed Cold One Knights, ghosts held Executioners, and Ghouls finished them off in next turn. Finally, main unit of Skeleton Warriors killed all the Corsairs.

Another victory for the Lost Legion!

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