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52'nd Crusade and getting to work

Today Lost Legion assaulted Adeptus Mechanicus Wargames Club. I had to build 1500pts army, up to three detachments, and decided to try some new solutions. Therefore, I took Khorne Lord on Bike and Sorcerer on Bike inside a 4-man strong unit of Bikers. Along with them there were three tanks (Predator with three lascannons, Vindicator and Leman Russ Battle Tank), two Hell Blades, two ten-man-strong units of Cultists, 5 Veterans with melta, in deep strike, Sonic Dreadnought and Renegade Command squad with Lascannon.

First battle was against another Chaos Army, led by my friend Łukasz. Funny, we've knew each other, but never played before.

Here you can see most of my army blasted to pieces. I got tabled after short, but bloody carnage.

Second battle I played against Adam, with whom I'd played few times before, both WFB and 40k.

I must admit, luck was on my side this time. Hell Blades killed both flying Tyrants, and third (warlord) got smashed by Sonic Dreadnought's Chainfist. This time it was my army that tabled their opponents.

Last (but not least) game was... Well, horrible for my forces. I didn't stand a chance against...

... Warhound Titan. I managed to kill Lord with his Spawn Retinue, with single lucky shot from Vindicator, but that wasn't enought, I got tabled in turn 6.

All in all, I was 13'th out of 16 players. Could be better, that's for sure.

Two weeks from now is 53'rd Crusade, this time 1850pts game, which is good, the more points, the better!

I'll try to field a bit more painted models, I don't like playing with gray/black army. After the tournament I went to GW store, and bought 10 Cadians and Comissar, to finish my Demagogue, and build some Renegade Infantry (first squad out of first platoon).

Hopefully today/tomorrow I'll be able to post some pictures.

As for now, I've managed to come up with a rooster I would use if I had 30 Infantrymen and 40 Zombies. Almost impossible, but maybe I'll give it a try, who knows?

+ Renegade Command Squad
     - Arch Demagogue - Rouge Witch level 2, Convenant of Nurgle
     - 4 Disciples with Lasguns

+ Enforcer
     - Power Axe, Combat Drug Injectors

+ 40 Plague Zombies

+ Renegade Infantry Platoon
     - Platon Command Squad - 10 Renegades + Lascannon Team
     - Infantry Squad - 10 Renegades
     - Infantry Squad - 10 Renegades

+ Leman Russ Punisher
     - Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Lascannon, Militia Training

+ Be'Lakor

+ 10 Cultists
     - Autoguns

+ 10 Cultists
     - Autoguns

+ Hell Blade
     - Helstorm Autocannons

+ Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne

If I'll be able to put together those 70 models (Infantry Squads and Zombies), I'll field this rooster, we'll see how that works. Either way - today I'll glue first Infantry Squad of ten Infantrymen, using plastic Cadian Shock Troops and Gasmask Heads from Bits of War.

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